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some people are selfish ,some people are self-centered,i aways ask myself to behave according to the rules i have set to myself,i treat those rules as  philosophy that can make myself a good person,and i aways think that people should behave in the same way,but now it is proved that i am so wrong,the world is not as ideal as you think,sometimes even make you feel disgusting,you maybe wonder why people think like this,why people behave like this,in my eyes,their thought and their behavior are so imcompatible with this so-called harmony world,should not they thrive to make everybody happy and then make the world harmony?now i know that it is me who is imcompatible with the world ,with the mainstream。in nowadays,people may think my thought and behavior peculiar。i am not the mainstream,the mainstream is that everybody now is struggle for their own intrest,they maybe trade with a harmony world for more benefit,i cant critisize this thinking,because it is the mainstream.i have already been out of date.maybe it is time for me to catch up with the tread.change something,but i will stick to things which i thought right, time for you to wear a mask,but be sure that your heart will go no! 

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Reply Report 365452554 2012-5-29 18:36
Hello Mrs:
I think you should deceived by your friend, actually I think you mainly go to our mood in our life. If your friend deceive you , you should try to forgive it. Because you have trusted each other.
Reply Report youneverknow 2012-5-30 08:34
365452554: Hello Mrs:
I think you should deceived by your friend, actually I think you mainly go to our mood in our life. If your friend deceive you , you should ...
i am not deceive by my workmate,i am a freshman to the society,when i come there ,i just know something or some thought different from the thought holded by my classmate,although they self-centred,they what what ,but they are frank ,they are straightforward,and they dont harm other people‘s benefit,they just try their best to fight for their own benefit
Reply Report US president 2012-6-3 19:12
Be the change you want to see in the world

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    still single,no strong desire to get marriage,but i know i am a person who loves family and baby very much,i dont know what makes me lose courage in the face of marriage

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    youneverknow: to know every detail about marriage before marriage is not a good thing,then you maybe will have no courage to get involved into marriage.i see marri ...
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    do you have kids?

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