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Share Traditional Neighborhood Businesses
2018-11-10 21:33
Traditional Neighborhood Businesses
Imaynot fully understand howtraditionalneighborhoodbusinessesstillsurvivethisdays, aswithgianthypermarketcomingup,slashingpricesinhalf,buyingandsellinginbulk, small neighborhoodbusinessjustcouldn'tcompeteandislosingineverysingleways. ...
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Share Diary: the reminder about your experiences
2017-3-24 00:56
Diary: the reminder about your experiences
90's era, many friends have their personal diaries. They were writing about their life each day. Girlfriends, crazy with cute, glitters, masculine diary stuffs. They said, diary is a book to throw out whatever came across their minds, things that tortured the heart, story about crush with somebody. Hell ya... But I'm not like that just because I'm scared my parents will read it one day. Haha.... As I said surviving alone in this small land give me a lot of tim ...
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Share Materialistic
2017-2-5 20:54
Sometimes I wonder for a better solution. Would you rather save up every single penny while you're still young, so that you're able to "enjoy life" when you're older (as in getting a big house, big car, traveling etc)? OR would you rather spend on clothes, shoes and makeup to fulfill your vanity needs? (well, life is short ain't it? and you can't bring money to your grave) I have this ongoing endless debate inside my mind regarding this issue. I believe that both has its p ...
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Share Right brain vs Left brain
2015-3-24 23:22
Doyouknowwhetheryouarearight-brain-useroraleft-brain-user? Normallypeoplewilldefinewhichbrain-userareyoubylookingatwhichhandyouusemostinsuchthatif youareright-handed,youuseyourleftbrainmoreandifyouareleft-handed,you& ...
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Share Trying to See it Through
2015-3-18 18:40
Trying to See it Through
2 5 yearsin..anditisstillunclearformehowmylifewouldunfold.. . Ican'tseepastthenext4to5yearshowmylife willbe/oratleasthowIwouldwantittobecome.Itwasprettyeasyduringthepast,mainlybecauseeveryone/mosto ...
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Share Characteristics & Conditions of TRUE LOVE
2015-3-9 17:56
Characteristics & Conditions of TRUE LOVE
Truelove...neverhastheintentiontoexpectanythinginreturn. Truelove...isloveinordertodedicate,thereareonlythoughtstosacrificeoneselfandhelpothers,thoughtstosupport withpureintentiondayin,dayout. Truelove...hasonlysincerity,not  ...
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Share Stop Making Excuses
2014-11-28 18:15
Stop Making Excuses
Exercise may not be fun, but it isn't that hard. You don't need more than 20 minutes a day, and that's something pretty much everyone can spare. We often neglect our physical health because we're full of bad excuses. If that sounds like you, make this weekend the one where you start getting in shape. With the amount of equipment you'll find in a gym, it's easy to believe you need a lot of stuff to exercise. Sure ...
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Share July 25, 2014
2014-7-25 10:40
July 25, 2014
A woman told me something so pleasing to my ears, so much that I almost believe the character I'm carrying is the actual me. It's a part of me but not quite entirely do justice to myself. But it's just because she hasn't know me yet. The fact that every girl seems to distance herself once she knew me slightly better makes me believe that it could be my problem I'm not seeing it. I consider myself being difficult in a certain stage of a friendship/re ...
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Share Shutter Island
2014-7-23 13:15
Shutter Island
What kind of a movie do you think it is? Thriller? Horror? Mystery? Or perhaps, comedy? Just watching the trailer, I thought it was horror, mystery and thriller altogether. Actually, there's nothing to do with horror, so it’s just mystery and thriller. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley, this movie is full of suspense which keeps you thinking from the beginning till the end, literally. Actually ended up confused in ...
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Share My Heart's A Stereo
2014-7-15 14:53
My Heart's A Stereo
My Heart's a stereo It beats for you so listen close Hear my thoughts in every note Oh, Oh Make me your radio And turn me up when you feel low This melody was meant for you Just sing along to my stereo... This week was a stressful week... I was emotionally exhausted and I was at my edge of comfort zone. I try to really enjoy what I was doing and though at some point I really did, it was ...
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  • Materialistic 2017-2-12 13:50

    I used to ponder a lot over this issue. but, lately, I figured out that there is no need trying to find which one is better, because there is no best solution in our life. we can choose our own lifestyle, but the only thing we should bear in mind is that no matter what sort of life we select, we should be responsible for our own choice. for me, i will spend time doing what i enjoy and trying new things in life.

  • Materialistic 2017-2-7 09:25

    I do not care about a big house or a big car or traveling. I also do not care about clothes or shoes or whatever else people spend money on. I do not like to eat fancy food. I really do not need a lot of money. The only reason I would need money is to have sex with females. I mostly spend my income on drugs and prostitutes in recent times. Drugs and prostitutes make me happy. But lately I have been thinking that I would like a Sugar Baby and apparently I need about $3000 a month for that at least. Maybe if I save up I will be able to afford a Sugar Baby for a few years when I am older. $3000 a month isnt a lot though when you think about what a good looking prostitute can earn. You probably wouldnt get a great Sugar Baby or much out of one for $3000 a month. You get about six hours of pretty decent hooker sex for $3000. I want a Sugar Baby but the more I think about it the more it seems like a waste compared to having sex with prostitutes.

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