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Share The taste of happiness
2015-3-4 10:54
The taste of happiness
If your friend say to you " hello , today . " everyday , I feel that it's a happiness from the bottom of heart . Just like , some friends who have never met can say hello to me here everyday , and i am very happly when i see those sweet words . i think i should live a happly life in the future , rather than make me uphapply for some things in life .
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Share change
2015-2-23 16:52
I wanna write my diary from now on .
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Share halo ...
2014-9-1 17:15
A long time no seeing .
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Share So many ...
2014-4-30 16:43
So many ...
Love is a bear , and is also a kind of burden. The other saying is that it would not have been a burden of love . Maybe , long before , I have never experienced a profound love , and cannot understand the meaning of soul mate . But , in my opinion , I always believe that love is care understanding , one filled with love and respect , so they can exchange ideas freely and communicate with each other knowingly . Certainly , ma ...
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Share A bad mood , today
2014-2-18 11:13
Today 's weather is not so good , especially cold yesterday , today is very damp , feel very bad mood is not very good , depressed , especially the head , feeling like to explode .
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Share Desire listing in 2014
2014-1-5 13:07
Desire listing in 2014
One : Let me become beautiful, regardless of appearance or the heart ; Two : I hope that I can hunt for a good job throughmy unremitting efforts , and this job can improve my ability and leve. Certainly , I can make my dream , a highly talented UI designerin the feild of designer, come true ; Three : I think all the people that I love deeply are happy, I think all the people I hate leaving my world a good life ; Four :  ...
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Share Victory ...
2013-12-5 16:51
Victory ...
Success belongs to persevering .
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Share My future is brilliant...
2013-11-4 14:26
My future is brilliant...
What is soul mate ? I cannot know how to express some thoughts in my mind . Maybe many people will say that love is unconditional pay and sacrifice for each other, and love a person is hope to each other forever be happy ; forever don't let the other worry, because each other's happiness and joy contact with each other's happiness and happy. From those sweet words , she is so beautiful and precious for us . But , many times , some realistic things tell us th ...
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Share Just do it ,,,
2013-10-14 22:39
Just do it ,,,
I watch a show about the lecture speeches by Ashin from the band of Mayday this evening . He share their experience on the way to music career with us in the speech . From it , I learn that as a young people , you must try your utmost to make your good ideas come true . Just like Ashin says , all the change / difference is from your hands rather than your mouths . That means Just do it ! Certainly , he also tells us that in ...
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Share Good night ~
2013-9-2 23:03
Good  night ~
Good night ~ Tomorrow is another day ~~`
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  • My hometown 2015-12-7 11:57

    Joy.guo: It's really a beautiful place and nice pictures!
    yeah ,thank you ~

  • halo ... 2014-9-4 11:30

    teamkrejados: Well... OK: not a 'band' new hello. How about a brand new one?   
    Sorry for the typo. That's what I get for exercising fingers before engaging  ...

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