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Stick ·Share Fishy Tale
teach2english 2012-1-1 04:25
Fishy Tale
"Fresh fried fish, fish fresh fried, fried fish fresh, fish fried fresh."
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Share Blogs
teach2english 2012-1-27 07:38
Travel blogs are great to learn about culture and language in different countries. There are so many blogs 'out there' that can help you learn. What's your favourite English learning blog?
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Share Happy Year of the Dragon
teach2english 2012-1-24 01:03
Happy Year of the Dragon
Happy New Year everyone! We celebrate the Year of the Dragon in the UK as well. Here's a photo of a London celebration! T2E Staff and Teachers.
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Share Knighthood
teach2english 2012-1-20 20:00
A knighthood is a title that is given to a man by a British king or queen for his achievements or his service to his country. A man who has been given a knighthood can put 'Sir' in front of his name instead of 'Mr'
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Share Plain Sailing
teach2english 2012-1-19 06:14
Plain Sailing
If something is relatively easy and there are no problems doing it, it is plain sailing. The job is easy it's 'plain sailing for us'.
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Share Lucky Charms
teach2english 2012-1-17 07:45
Lucky Charms
'Lucky Charms.' There are many good luck symbols, lucky charms and amulets that people use to bring luck in love, money, business, etc. Do you have any lucky charms?
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Share Play Hooky
teach2english 2012-1-16 21:54
'Last Friday, a group of students in Mrs. Grammar’s English class played hooky'. To play hooky is to stay away from school or work without permission.
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Share Suffering Fools
teach2english 2012-1-13 08:42
Suffering Fools
Suffer fools (more) gladly. There is an old expression that we should learn to suffer fools gladly, meaning that we should be more patient and kind to those whose behavior (actions) we don’t like.
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Share Check List
teach2english 2012-1-11 18:11
Check List
A check-list is a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, and is used as a reminder.
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Share To-do List
teach2english 2012-1-11 18:10
To-do List
A to-do list is a list where you write down all the things that you want to do in a day. This could be for school, university, work, or daily tasks and errands. Do you have a daily or weekly to-do list?
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Share Ipad/Ipaid
teach2english 2012-1-10 17:57
I paid, Ipad, Ipaid for Ipads.
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