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English Grammar Battle

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As much as schools and English training centers focus on grammar, I'm shocked by how little most know. Even the teachers' grammar is often quite bad in writing and in speaking.

Most of what native English learners consider 'basic grammar' seems to be difficult for students here in China.

I'm going to give you some basic word endings that every student should know about English. If you already know these, then, you might not find this article beneficial. If you don't, then, learn them. They are quite valuable to English learners.

Most words that end with -ate are verbs.
Most words that end with -cion, -tion, -sion are nouns.
Most words that end with -ly are adverbs.

There are many words that I often hear that are used wrongly.

Don't say, "We need to take care of our healthy." 'Healthy' is an adjective here. Instead say, "We need to take care of our health."

Make sure to learn what I call the 'S problem.' There are two places where I often hear these used wrongly. 

(1) for third person singular verbs - 'He likes his school'; 'She needs some help'; 'He makes good grades'. I often hear students omitting the 's'.
(2) for plurals - most English nouns require an 's' at the end. No matter if you are writing it or speaking the word. You must include the 's'. 

'Most of' - this is a phrase that is often not used correctly. 'Most of people are good' is wrong. Should be 'Most people are good.'

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-12-12 19:53
Grammar is the art to put words together to express a definite meaning. I appreciate that English goes like river which runs smoothly.

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  • Challenge Your Child 2019-12-13 11:51

    I talk to a TV set in front of hundreds of people, after my careful reading, the sentence is like that. Hilarious.

  • Challenge Your Child 2019-12-13 11:50

    我在数百人面前向电视讲话。This sentence means I talk to hundreds of people in front of a TV set. That is very ridiculous unless you talk to a set which is displaying Nick Armstrong is looking at you from the moon. You might be taken to the nearest hospital to have a check on the head.

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