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Share Childhood in occupied territory
2013-5-31 13:25
China Daily forum asked for unforgettable childhood stories and this came to mind. Long long ago when I was about 5 or 6 years old my family took weekend trip to a an old house in the countryside where my grandparents on my fathers side lived. We would go there several times a year. It wasn't far off, just a one hour drive if even that. My grandpa was a tall, skiny man. His nickname was 'skeet' because he was so thin and lanky he looked a little like a mosquito. He was a good natured guy who li ...
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  • State owned CEO pay cut, another step along the way 2014-9-5 00:46

    Pay cut on CEOs is a popular policy which will encourage general woking people's confidences in pursuing a good economic life through their hard work.

    China is still a developing country. CEOs of SOEs have to keep pace with national objective conditions in receiving their incomes.

  • Can China give the US freedom of choice? 2014-8-15 08:38

    You're so confused now there is no point in carrying on this.. whatever it is you're attempting to do.

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