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Report Chegsyboy 2012-8-8 09:15
Me too
Report 爱国爱党爱人民 2012-8-7 20:31
Hello. I'm from China.
Report Chegsyboy 2012-7-16 08:01
Fuzhou. Welcome any time, botty wipe.
Report petera 2012-7-14 15:14
Chegsyboy: hey, you wanna meet? just give me yr location and tell me where/when. My pleasure, sickboy
Why don't you give me your location,punk ?
Report seneca 2012-7-13 16:06
Chegsyboy: voice_cd   2012-7-13 15:36
    "We share information because we are brothers. UNfortunately, China has no friends unless you count North Korea.  ...
Then she was unusually forthcoming...and frank. I never know where she stands (actually they must be 3 or 4 mods under that username).
Report petera 2012-4-14 12:07
You don't scare me,Turdsyboy.
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