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Report adeltjo 2013-6-10 21:13
hi! do you still do day tour in qingdao? how much is it ? thanks
Report universalwalker 2013-5-10 17:32
your smile is very sweet, i love it.
Report s83941189 2013-1-29 10:48
Report yuxiong 2013-1-9 09:28
Your appearance like as your character,sunshine.
Report idorun 2013-1-5 09:30
s83941189: yes. sir. we are an art store
Report idorun 2013-1-5 09:30
s83941189: yes. sir. we are an art store
Report tangofanatic 2012-12-20 11:26
Hello Jenny, Dan here ( I put your name into google and your email. Here it takes me! You sound like you have an awesome job, and you know SO many languages. We need to catch up. Send me an email, I look forward to hearing from you. Best Wishes, Daniel
Report VERABABY 2012-11-16 11:06
Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Vera, I came across your profile at this site and  became interested in contacting you, I wish we can move on to know each other for i will love to be a friend send me an email at ( for me to send to you my photos and tell you more about myself.
Report idorun 2012-10-10 04:40
you are a Artist too ?
Report deeds61 2012-9-22 14:31
Thanks, hope we can chat sometime. Dave
Report SMITH2012 2012-8-12 15:12
what a nice job you have got!
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    1.        Translator for Mr R from CA, US. Attending Trade show held in Qingdao, visited 3 companies and 1 factory.
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    3.        Outsourcer for Hair product and eyelashes, promotion pens, arrange PI, QC, shipping.

    Interpreting & Sourcing for Mar. 2013
    1.        Translator for Mr G from Russia, client visit and meeting translation.
    2.        Outsourcer for Mr E from Atlanta, US, visited 6 hair companies.
    3.        Exported printing product for Mr P from Australia. QC, ship arrangement.
    4.        Outsourcer for Mr A for shopping baskets, displays.
    5.        Sample QC of metal sack barrow for Mr A. One week staying in workshop.

    Interpreting & Sourcing for Feb. 2013
    1.        Outsourcing for wheels for Ms A from UK.
    2.        Outsourcing for Mr J from Brazil, visited Nine companies in three days, assist with follow-up order and quality check, domestic and abroad ship arrangement. Formed long-term cooperation.
    3.        Outsourcing for Ms A from UK for metal product, arrange for sample produced.
    4.        Translator for Mr D from NY, US for on-site factory interpreting. Assist with product quality check.

    Interpreting & Sourcing for Jan. 2013
    1.        Outsourcing supplier for Mr J from Australia, collecting 10 suppliers and arranged 5 meetings with factories. Assisting with on-site interpreting, meeting negotiation and customer-made souvenirs for company promotion for five days. Also in charge of follow-up with the purchase order, quality check and shipping arrangement.
    2.        Outsourcer for metal sample for Mr A from UK, factory negotiation, quality check and adjustment. Arrange for shipping.
    3.        Translator for Mr W for German file.

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