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    •        Private Business Trip Planning
    •        Product Sourcing Service
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  • Travel Tips: Qingdao, favourite summer resort in Northeast China 2013-5-17 12:10

    Interpreting & Sourcing for Apr. 2013
    1.        Translator for Mr R from CA, US. Attending Trade show held in Qingdao, visited 3 companies and 1 factory.
    2.        Translator for Mr D from NY,US. Factory visit, meeting and quality check.
    3.        Outsourcer for Hair product and eyelashes, promotion pens, arrange PI, QC, shipping.

    Interpreting & Sourcing for Mar. 2013
    1.        Translator for Mr G from Russia, client visit and meeting translation.
    2.        Outsourcer for Mr E from Atlanta, US, visited 6 hair companies.
    3.        Exported printing product for Mr P from Australia. QC, ship arrangement.
    4.        Outsourcer for Mr A for shopping baskets, displays.
    5.        Sample QC of metal sack barrow for Mr A. One week staying in workshop.

    Interpreting & Sourcing for Feb. 2013
    1.        Outsourcing for wheels for Ms A from UK.
    2.        Outsourcing for Mr J from Brazil, visited Nine companies in three days, assist with follow-up order and quality check, domestic and abroad ship arrangement. Formed long-term cooperation.
    3.        Outsourcing for Ms A from UK for metal product, arrange for sample produced.
    4.        Translator for Mr D from NY, US for on-site factory interpreting. Assist with product quality check.

    Interpreting & Sourcing for Jan. 2013
    1.        Outsourcing supplier for Mr J from Australia, collecting 10 suppliers and arranged 5 meetings with factories. Assisting with on-site interpreting, meeting negotiation and customer-made souvenirs for company promotion for five days. Also in charge of follow-up with the purchase order, quality check and shipping arrangement.
    2.        Outsourcer for metal sample for Mr A from UK, factory negotiation, quality check and adjustment. Arrange for shipping.
    3.        Translator for Mr W for German file.

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