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As a man, husband and father it has troubled me to a point I feel compelled to write this.

The world today is not more peaceful but less.

All the China bashing and continual hatred towards Chinese is unwanted.

American points at the human rights issue in China and many in Americans will say the US has less and less HR these days while china is gaining more.

America has more violent crimes than China, not less. And yet china has 4x the population.


Americans only complains about the continued trade deficit with China.  

As far back as 1965 records show USA has a trade deficit with Japan every single year. Why is this never mentioned? 

The same can be said for Korea, going back to 1985 with exception of 95-96-97, US had a slight surplus, every single year US had a trade deficit.

So why is it only china that gets singled out as enemy of trade.


Is it because china is communist/socialist and has an economy and government that can actually challenge US for the top spot?


The other day I read an analysis on business insider pointing to a war between China with US and Japan.

Is this what the industrial military complex has been preparing, A future war for the top spot in the world. Has the brainwashing already begun with all this China bashing. Military and military companies are good at one thing only. Make weapons of mass destruction.


This is my main concern. We all know a war of this size and scaled will leave no winners, mankind will be the biggest looser. We cannot go down this road, as a citizen of the Earth its our obligation to protect our home and not be bought into what the big media, big brother, big corporations or big military feed us constantly.


Socrates said, “I am not Athenian or Greek but a citizen of the world.” We are all citizens of this world. Lets search the truth on our own. Only the naive and uneducated are easily persuaded and swayed. Think about it!

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