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My suggestions for the Chinese 13th Year Plan

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#This is the e-mail sent to the Chinese Premier

# Nothing has been edited 

Ni Hao Premier Xi Jinping,

                                  My name is Ankit Khandelwal and I am from India. I am a regular reader of The China Daily. I am studying about China from past 3 years. I studied many online courses from Chinese universities and interacted many people from China. I have made strong bonds with Chinese people by helping them in improving their English. I also enjoyed learning more Chinese culture, society, and festivals from them. I can consider myself someone who have deep interest and understanding of China. Allow me to give following suggestions. 

Idea 1: Let us go to back to villages

The beauty of China lies in its villages. The 5000 year old civilization can never be understood completely without the preservation of many ancient customs and rituals. The responsibilities shared by citizens in those countryside is hard to imagine today. Unfortunately, rising urbanization is rapidly deserting these places living a big void in passage of cultural heritage. Youngsters may lose out a big part of their identity, if something has not been done. 

Youngsters can be encouraged to spent 1-2 weeks each year in any village of China. They can be given incentives(certificates, credits) to feel the life in a village. They can also be given tasks to solve rural problem using their educational background. This will enhance their bond with their motherland and also enhance their ability to see themselves as part of China. 


Idea 2: Helpline for youngsters

Majority of youngsters are living alone in the growing big cities. They are away from their loved ones and often face severe depressions, loneliness, and feeling of not being cared. The number of people suffering from this type of syndrome will continue to rise in future. I will be much more glad, if you can include this kind of study as mandatory in school, university, and in vocational studies curriculum. There can also be a dedicated helpline set up to help people talking to someone during the need. The future of any country are it's youngsters and China need to tackle this issue. 

I have many more ideas to share and I will try to pen down in the upcoming days. 

Thanks for going through my message and I do hope, that you will take my ideas into consideration to make China even much more better place to live for the upcoming generation


Ankit Khandelwal


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Reply Report pjaya 2016-2-16 22:49
" Let's go back to the villages. " Very good suggestions. In addition to the preserving the cultures, it will be a good insurance should China go to war with Arrogant America , or any nuclear power. With half of China's population destroyed in the big cities, China would still have half a billion Chinese to rebuild the country again. Would Vietnam won the war, if she was urbanized with Hanoi, Ho Chi Min and other cities as developed and populated as Chinese cities today. Remember that America dropped more bombs in Vietnam, than in Europe during WW2. The massive bombing was ineffective because most of the populations were dispersed in the countrysides.
Reply Report enlighting 2016-2-17 16:57
pjaya: " Let's go back to the villages. " Very good suggestions. In addition to the preserving the cultures, it will be a good insurance should Chi ...
I certainly did not mean this context while writing the suggestion.
Reply Report claudeckenni 2016-2-19 14:22
Last year CNY, I went to rural villages in Fujian and stay there for two weeks in a Chinese family house. The celebrations in the village is amazing, unforgettable experiences =)

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