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Share Why you want to become someone else? Why cannot you be just yourselves?
2015-10-23 18:59
This blog post is completely different from my previous posts. Today, I am not going to talk more about China but about a growing problem among many people. This phenomenon has always been there but now it looks in much larger proportion among ourselves. There was a time, when I faced loneliness and wanted someone besides me just to talk. This was not a good feeling but soon I have developed a mechanism to cope up with it. I have started to invest time in writing, painting and reading wh ...
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  • Sweet Rice Dumplings: Sweetness across different borders 2017-1-25 13:03

    I like to eat ‘Rasugullah.

  • Why you want to become someone else? Why cannot you be just yourselves? 2016-9-28 01:59

    I agree advisors need to share experiences good and bad, but also advise people to find and follow their own path.

    Like when people that are famous actors and actresses, tell people how they should vote
    well just because they know how to act and got lucky breaks does not mean they are the fountain of knowledge.
    Likewise as you say, just because the path was successful for them it does not mean it  will be for others

    They need to share their strategies that can be applied to your own dream or path and we must remember  paths take unexpected changes sometimes we need to follow those changes too.

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