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Share Seeking Help in Uncovering Aspects of Ancient China
2016-6-20 16:02
Hello People, This is very unusual post. There can be no better place than this one in asking for some help in uncovering historical past of China. I have been a bit curious about the following topics and like to study more. But, I seemed to have difficulty in finding a proper material to read over internet. Healthcare system in ancient China: Were there any hospitals? Were there any institutions dedicated to train the Doctors ...
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Share Trust- Something we all can learn from ancient China!
2015-9-6 03:24
It has been a long time since I have written a post here. I have been lately busy working on my book Zero Cost MBA which is almost reaching the finishing stage. So, what should I write today? I am thinking about it for a long time. Today, with the advent of technology, it is possible to inquire and get information anytime, anywhere. We can check the other persons progress and even cross verify(in some cases), if he is lying. But what about ancient time, or lets say ancient China? I ...
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Share 'Zhu Ge-Liang and role of advisers' - What we can learn from ancient China?
2015-6-30 19:19
In one of my previous blog post, I have tried to present my observations about Zhu Ge-Liang, one of the popular figures in Chinese history. Since then, I happened to read a lot more about Chinese history and discovered a very important aspect. This aspect is still relevant and will continue to be relevant among future leaders. Those who are familiar with the history of China as well as about Zhu Ge-Liang, they can easily relate to this story. Zhu Ge-Liang was neither a king nor the ...
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Share 'Fire' - from purest form to Chinese zodiac sign
2015-6-18 03:13
In many culture, there has been different stories about the importance given to 'Fire'. A special emphasis is given in several customs. I have tried to observe closely the importance of fire in my culture and that one in China. I am still trying to understand more about China, so this blog post can only reflect initial observations. For rest, you may need to come back here in future. Indian culture I have been grown up following Hinduism, so my opinion will be coming observing ...
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Share Commanding multiple skills- What we can learn from ancient China - 2
2015-5-31 17:44
Continuing from the last post, this time I am going to put forward my observations about one of many respected people in Chinese history. This is also a respect to all those travelers, who spent considerable amount of their life time to find more about the other places and introduced them to their native people. Xuanzhang, which is also known as Haveswang in Sanskrit, was one of those travelers in ancient China. He is known for his wisdom, extra ordinary talent and ...
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Share 'Zhuge Liang' - Commanding multiple skills, what we can learn from ancient Chin
2015-4-28 23:23
In the previous blog post, I have talked about multiple skills and Chinese connection. Today, let me start my series of posts where I will try to bring my observation about some of the people from ancient China and what could be the reasons, they were able to do multiple tasks. My observation can be totally wrong or irrelevant, but theses are just my observations :-) So, let me go back to my previous post and continue this post where i left last time. The first person who came i ...
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Share Commanding Multiple Skills- What we can learn from ancient China? - 1
2015-4-13 05:25
The trend I am going to discuss in this post, is not exclusive only to the Chinese history. It has been observed in many other parts of the world. While watching the movie, 'Battle of Red Cliff', which was a very significant event in late Han dynasty, I have come across a very historical figure. 'Zhu-Ge- Liang' was very prominent person during his time and often credited for this wit and ability to master several different skills. Reading more about him took me to several such f ...
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Share Why Gao Kao Style of examination can be relevant today? My perspective
2015-1-24 02:34
Inmylastblogpost,ItalkedaboutbringingConfuciusvaluesintoday's worldtohavesomesortofenlightenmentinthelife . Lasttime,I emphasi zed ontheconceptoflifelonglearning.Afterwritingth e post,I startedtoreadhowthoseteachingswer ...
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Share Documentation: Something to learn from Chinese history
2014-12-11 02:05
Ithasbeenmorethan2years,sinceIamfollowingeventsinChinatosatisfymycuriosityofknowingthiscountry.Daily,whilereadingTheChinaDailygavemesomethingtounderstand,learnandcompareaboutChina.Apartfromthat,studyinggloriouspastofChina( ...
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  • Sweet Rice Dumplings: Sweetness across different borders 2017-1-25 13:03

    I like to eat ‘Rasugullah.

  • Why you want to become someone else? Why cannot you be just yourselves? 2016-9-28 01:59

    I agree advisors need to share experiences good and bad, but also advise people to find and follow their own path.

    Like when people that are famous actors and actresses, tell people how they should vote
    well just because they know how to act and got lucky breaks does not mean they are the fountain of knowledge.
    Likewise as you say, just because the path was successful for them it does not mean it  will be for others

    They need to share their strategies that can be applied to your own dream or path and we must remember  paths take unexpected changes sometimes we need to follow those changes too.

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