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Share My China Daily Connection: Meeting John from Nanking in India
2016-5-17 02:10
I live in Bengaluru, which is known as Silicon Valley of India. But not all the areas are IT hub. I live in outskirts of the city, which is home to local population,still unaffected from this IT boom. An old area, where you can hardly find anyskyscrapersunlike other parts of the city. I have moved 2 years earlier tofinish my self-designed learning path. China Daily has been part of my reading daily. Over the years, I have developed a depth of knowledge in many d ...
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Share How to express yourself more- 1?
2016-1-4 22:55
ThoughIamaregularvisitorofthisblogforum,ithasbeenlongsinceIhavewrittenanyposthere.NewYearisaroundthecornerandIhavebeenaskedtowriteaboutitbyoneoftheforummember.So,hereIam. Thepostwith  ...
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Share Achieved milestone in my journey of knowing more about China!
2015-7-13 21:20
Achieved milestone in my journey of knowing more about China!
Finally, my approximately 2 year long journey of learning more about China, in educational terms has come to the end. Few days ago, I have received this letter of accomplishment from Harvard University. It was the confirmation of my participation in the ten-part long course China X offered through It has been taught by Professors Peter K. Bol and William C. Kirby with their amazing team and many other guests. It was a wonderful journey from start to the end. It has prov ...
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Share Becoming Semi-Scholar on China? May be!
2015-3-19 15:26
Should I call myself a semi-scholar of China? May be yes, or may be No. The journey of knowing about China has begun few years ago and it is still going and there is lot to learn about this vast land. Just thought of sharing you my way of learning China, its culture and how my interaction with Chinese people paved way for better understanding. 2 days ago, I have submitted my last discussion for the online course 'China X'. With this I have ended a long journey started in Octobe ...
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Share Write 'Diary' every day!
2014-12-15 06:34
Write 'Diary' every day!
I have written in the last post about the documentation in Chinese history. I have ended up my last post with the question on how we can use 'documentation' in our today's life. I was thinking, what was one can start documenting.Definitely,documentation isnoeasytask. It took more than 8 pages to describe, what I have enacted in 10 minutes of session in one of my story telling meetup. My attention turned once again to Chinese history and then ...
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Share China! An Outsiders Perspective To Know Insider's Life!
2014-8-13 04:40
Hello people, China has always been a curious place for me.The more I wanted to know more about this, the more I faced difficulty in finding information to read on this country. After the arrival of internet, things have changed a bit but not much. My serious engagement started during my master's studies in Denmark, when I met lot of people from China. In May 2012, when I decided to pursue my 'Envisioning 21st century global m ...
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  • Sweet Rice Dumplings: Sweetness across different borders 2017-1-25 13:03

    I like to eat ‘Rasugullah.

  • Why you want to become someone else? Why cannot you be just yourselves? 2016-9-28 01:59

    I agree advisors need to share experiences good and bad, but also advise people to find and follow their own path.

    Like when people that are famous actors and actresses, tell people how they should vote
    well just because they know how to act and got lucky breaks does not mean they are the fountain of knowledge.
    Likewise as you say, just because the path was successful for them it does not mean it  will be for others

    They need to share their strategies that can be applied to your own dream or path and we must remember  paths take unexpected changes sometimes we need to follow those changes too.

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