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Share Worrying right turn of Japanese politics
2013-1-10 21:12
Despite repeated warnings that Japanese politics is sliding further to the right, it seems that the newly-installed Shinzo Abe administration has no interest in accommodating such concerns. At the very beginning of 2013, reports came that Tokyo might seek to revise two official statements issued in the 1990s meant as apologies to victims of Japan's wartime atrocities. The Kono Statement, which acknowledged the Japanese Imperial Army's role in forcing thousands of capt ...
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Share If I have a tail
2013-1-10 21:09
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Share Twisted, ugly ‘Tower of Large Intestine’ found
2013-1-10 21:04
A web user recently posted a photo of a twisted building in the suburb of Beijing, calling it “Tower of Large Intestine”. (Photo/ A web user recently posted a photo of a twisted building in the suburb of Beijing, calling it “Tower of Large Intestine”. (Photo/ A web user recently posted a photo of a twisted building in the suburb of Beijing, calling it “Tower of Large Intestine”. (Photo/c ...
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Share Stop circle Island from shopping Tour in Taiwan
2013-1-10 20:59
A glimpse of Taiwan.(Xinhua Photo) The number of mainland tourists traveling to Taiwan last year reached 2.2 million, among which 1.7 million traveled with a tour group. As the number of travelers to the island has increased, so have complaints about travel agencies. Many complain that there is too much shopping time and not enough sightseeing activities in the itinerary, saying that most island-circling tours promoted by travel agencies have end ...
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Share When Chinese wives meet American mothers-in-law
2013-1-10 20:57
(People's Daily Overseas Edition) For Chinese families, the relationship most prone to conflict is that between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Chinese women married to American men tend to quarrel with their mothers-in-law due to different cultural and language backgrounds. American parents attach great importance to the independence of their adult children. A Chinese woman surnamed Zhang lived in San Diego, California with he ...
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Share Fine Yoga: It's getting hot in here
2013-1-10 20:55
At Fine Yoga, Li Jing demonstrates the eagle pose to students of a hot yoga class. (Photo: Wang) Beijing winters are dreaded by many for their chill that digs into the bones, causing many Beijingers to spend hours on the couch buried under blankets. But the impulse to stay active and fit need not be smothered by sub-zero temperatures, when hot yoga studios around the city are roasting away, just waiting to open up some pores.& ...
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Share Forget beer, choose right wine for spicy hot pot
2013-1-6 17:06
Ma la hot pot which involves various Sichuan chillies and hot peppers, is an exhilarating culinary experience that uniquely challenges diners' senses. (Shanghai Daily) I first experienced ma la (literally numb and spicy) hot pot about 25 years ago and, like many lovers of this Sichuan treasure, my culinary life was forever changed. For the uninitiated, it's hard to describe the unique and addictive qualities of this special meal. Much more than a dish, ma la h ...
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Share When 'Chinese Fortune Grandpa' meets 'Santa Claus'
2013-1-6 17:04
(Xinhua/Wang Ying) The kindly "Chinese Fortune Grandpa" wearing Han Chinese clothing and holding a fortune bag debuted at the Imperial Ancestral Shrine in Beijing on the day after Christmas. The final image of the Chinese gift-giver was selected through a global design competition that cost millions of yuan. Its debut seems to be a sign of competition against "Santa Claus", according to a report by Guangming Daily. Many Chinese cities have been filled with Chr ...
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Share TV show provides an effective way for public supervision in China?
2013-1-6 17:02
A new TV program in central China's Hubei Province is forcing government officials to respond to public complaints under the glare of studio lighting and the unblinking eye of the camera. During a Dec. 17 broadcast, Yang Zefa, director of the food and drug administration of the provincial capital of Wuhan, apologized to the audience after a video clip depicting an illegal food production facility was played before them. Yang then demanded that more than 50 law enforcement officers wer ...
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Share Can Shinzo Abe save the Japanese economy?
2013-1-6 17:01
Photo taken on on Nov. 26 shows Shinzo Abe, leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. (Xinhua/Ma Ping) In the just concluded election of the House of Representatives, the Liberal Democratic Party headed by Shinzo Abe won over the Democratic Party with overwhelming advantages. The Liberal Democratic Party would unite with the New Clean Government Party to form the new cabinet and returned back to the political arena. After the Liberal Democratic Party became the ...
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