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Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my Blog! The fact that my first post has over 500 views proves 1 thing... their are too many bored people in this world! Haha!
2012-12-24 16:18:02 Reply
Had the school's Christmas party, kids had a lot of fun!
2012-12-17 14:27:49 Reply
Presentation went well, the people were interested and learned some new things! The company paid me a lot for my service, 10x normal salary!
2012-12-11 14:53:14 Reply
I have a presentation tomorrow at an investment company talking about Cultural Differences between China and the West... All in Chinese... Little nervous!
2012-12-10 16:34:20 Reply
We told one homework class parent that their student was poor in maths and literature, the next day they signed their child up for maths and literature tuition... wish they had asked us to tutor!
2012-10-24 15:26:37 Reply
My afternoon student has some sort of competition today, so not coming to class. Will prepare more teaching material... exciting! lol
2012-10-20 14:08:27 Reply
Spent the past few days preparing course material. Takes such a long time to prepare good quality teaching material!
2012-10-10 14:20:49 Reply
1 possible new student listened into a class this morning and another 2 will listen into a class tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed at least 1 registers!
2012-10-6 16:06:00 Reply
Holiday is over... back to work!
2012-10-5 18:53:27 Reply
Enjoying my holiday so far! Today will go and bulk buy stationary for the school. Exciting ;)
2012-10-2 12:08:11 Reply
My VIP student today forgot they had to go to school so hasn't shown up... annoying!
2012-9-29 15:13:25 Reply
National Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival are almost here. The school will be closed for a few days and I can finally get some good rest! After the holiday, we will have another round of advertising.
2012-9-26 15:55:30 Reply
Just been informed that 1 VIP student is too busyu to come to class for the next 6 weeks. Thank god they have already paid their fee!
2012-9-24 14:17:03 Reply
This weekend another VIP student registered. 4 VIP students and 2 students in the homework class.
2012-9-24 13:54:20 Reply
I should have a BEC English class starting tonight. Though I am a business major, I have never taught business english before, so should be interesting.
2012-9-19 14:14:41 Reply
The school uses 360云盘 for cloud storage of all our files. Files are updated onto all my divices and stored online for safety. If your interested, have a look ...
2012-9-18 16:38:08 Reply
Credit Card machine installed and ready to use!
2012-9-18 12:49:18 Reply
2 Students registered for homework class, the school is growing slowly!
2012-9-12 14:26:26 Reply
The school now has 2 registered students and 1 more who will register tomorrow.
2012-9-9 15:34:37 Reply
A new student registered for VIP classes, I hope he studies for a long time!
2012-9-3 19:14:34 Reply

My name is Daniel, I am 27 and I come from The UK. I have been in China since September 2009.

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