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Opening my own language school... Printing

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The posters, signs and pictures for the school have all been designed and chosen, fantastic! Another small step taken towards opening for business, but as with everything so far, there is a problem.


About a week ago, I did a financial plan for the next 3 months, assuming all upcoming costs and showing current investment, I sent this to Jack and Barry. I then told them that the cost of printing the signs for the school were their responsibility as they had invested the least amount. Barry said Jack should be responsible as he had invested the least, I agreed and told Jack the company wanted an investment from him of between 2000RMB and 4000RMB (I just estimated the cost, I had not received a quote yet). Jack ignored me, he didn’t reply to my communications at all.


A few days later, we got the quote for the printing of all our designs, the quote was about 1700RMB, very cheap given what we wanted, and cheaper then my estimates, so I contacted Jack and told him to give 1700RMB, he told me to pay it and he would return the money at a later date, I was in work so had no time to argue with him, so I asked Maria to contact him.


Maria said I don’t have time to go to the design company and pay for the printing and that I also don’t have much money at the moment, so Jack should pay now as the fee was not high. Jack phoned the design company, asked them to phone Maria and tell her she had to pay straight away. Yes, you read correctly, Jack contacted the design company and told them to ask Maria to pay because he didn’t want to! Maria obviously got angry and refused.


Jack then said he would go to the design company and pay the fee the next day. Guess what? He didn’t go and pay the fee!


I would understand him delaying payment if the fee was really high, but 1700RMB? This is not much at all, especially as 2 weeks ago, while out with friends, Jack started to brag about how rich he was.


He told everyone how proud he was that, at such a young age, he was so successful. How he could meet any big boss or any big company and think he is better then them. He went on to give financial details, saying he has 4 houses in his name, his main home is worth 11,000RMB per square meter (about 2 million RMB). He continued to say how he bought his own car and is about to buy a car for his wife and how he has 4,000,000RMB!


I listened to him talk and was getting tired of his bu!!$h!t, so I asked,


“If your so rich, why are we always eating and drinking in such cheap, low quality places?”


He was stumped and tried to spurt out some more bu!!$h!t, but knew it wasn’t working so he changed subject.


I have no problems with people who are proud, even people who brag, but people who are full of bu!!$h!t annoy me!

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My name is Daniel, I am 27 and I come from The UK. I have been in China since September 2009.


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