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Digital humanity is a new area

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Digital humanity is a new area. Moreover, I will have a chance to cooperate with the British Library this semester. It will be a different experience. And I have glanced the official website of British Library. There are so many electric resources. This is a trend of the future. But for me, I still like reading a paper book. Electric devices do not suitable for a long time reading. They are harmful to my eyes. There is a pattern so-called “eye protection” on the recent electric devices. But most of them always exaggerate its effect. 
Recently I read a book about heroes and heroic. “Hero is the enlightened light, who enlightened the darkness of the world”. This book believes that Hero is a gift of heaven. “Hero is not a kindled lamp only, but rather as a natural luminary shining by the gift of heaven”. Heros, whatever they are synthetic or substantial, are actually some kinds of the gift of heaven. But this book has a problem, it is too hard to understand. Its words are too formal to read. Fortunately, I read it via my computer, I use the oxford dictionary to explain the meaning of its words. 
However, I accumulate a lot of useful words from this book. And I have more impetus to read more English books and articles. I am dreaming that in someday I may write some beautiful articles like this book. “We may pause in sorrow and silence over the depth of darkness that are in man; if we rejoice in the heights of purer vision he has attained to. Such things were and are in man; in all men; in us too”.
People surrounding us are hurried, most of them. And the propaganda also urges people to be hurried therewith the increasing life cost, people lose their own rhythm.(end)

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      SEARU: Then, what is your version of that article?  I think it is wrong with ‘essay’.
      That should be ‘some essays’ instead.
      What article? Do you call this an article?!! Are you kidding me?
      The name of the country is wrong.

    • Contribution to ChinaDaily 2019-11-10 12:15

      UpWithYourHand: Reading his short ad, I found some errors, so my advice to this master is "I don't know what to say".
      Then, what is your version of that article?  I think it is wrong with ‘essay’.
      That should be ‘some essays’ instead.

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