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where would we really go, who we really care about, what should we really do?

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How lovely the character, Forrest Gump, when I watched the film. It's Gump's "persistance" which deeply touched me, which helpped carrying him through the hardest times.
Gump's Persistance was more than normal. It reached a state of pure simple and pure perfect. Maybe he got his lucky from his low intelligence. Sometimes, we think we are smart. We often think about our future which we believed that we could design and create. However, "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know which kind you could get from it." Don't think too much. Just do it if you have decided.
Persistance, the type of simple persistance without much thinking. Persistance turned everything simple. This simple persistance is lack in our society. Every guy is hurrying on his way. Every guy wanna get on the fastest train. I would run forward because every guy are running. I need to run faster.
Why are we running forward? Where would be the end? The meaning of life is just getting on the fastest train? Do we have time to think about where would we really go, who we really care about, what should we do?
Gump know what he would do. Gump just try his best and wouldn't give up before all hardships.
We grew up with learning that there are gaps between dreams and realities. The gaps often turned into an excuse for giving up our presistance. We would tell ourselves we are rational creatures. We have done our best but we couldn't accomplish. Could we have Gump's persistance to do what we wanna do?
Jenny was a kind girl. Her kind turned her into Gump's angel. The suffering in her childhood was shadowing her future. She drifted and tried to find her life. She wanna be a singer but failed. She went forward too far and don't know how to go back. She was a lost lamb in a group of wolves. She don't know where would go but only have the fear and helpless deep in the heart.

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KristaChen: good thinking!

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