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Share where would we really go, who we really care about, what should we really do?
2013-8-28 02:19
where would we really go, who we really care about, what should we really do?
How lovely the character, Forrest Gump, when I watched the film. It's Gump's "persistance" which deeply touched me, which helpped carrying him through the hardest times. Gump's Persistance was more than normal. It reached a state of pure simple and pure perfect. Maybe he got his lucky from his low intelligence. Sometimes, we think we are smart. We often think about our future which we believed that we could design and create. However, "Life is like a box of ...
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Share Saving money or saving time?
2011-12-27 23:20
Saving money or saving time?
One day in 1998, I've ever walked across several unfamiliar blocks in Beijing for about 8 hours. Why? Only for saving RMB 10 from taking a taxi. Nowadays, sometimes, I still did so. However, let us do a calculation. Supposed one can earn RMB 10,000 a month. A month has about 4 weeks. Each week has 40 working hours. Then 10,000/160 = RMB 62.5 per hour = RMB 1 per minute. If you earn RMB 15,000 a month, then it is RMB 1.5 per minute.
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Share One bottle of beer made me drunk
2011-12-21 20:55
One bottle of beer made me drunk
hehe, this noon we ate roasted mutton, "TieBan" stir fried mutton, fried fish, stir fried wild chicken, stir fried ribs, roast duck, fried rabbit, sauted lily, and so on. Of course, I ate a lot. However, After a bottle of beer, as usual, my heartbeat fast and I felt asleep. We often said that the amount of alcohol represents one's future level of career ladder, if one worked in government or in SOE. haha.. So, It's my disadvantage that I can drink too little alcohol. ...
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Share My plans about reading English books
2011-12-19 22:23
My plans about reading English books
In 2011, I planned to read through "the elment of style", "economist style", and several other style tool book. Yes, I read a lot. Reading through a book about sculpture was also in my plan. However, I stopped after read the first about 100 pages. I also planned to read through Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" trilogy. Yes, I finished it, and I also read several Isaac Asimov'sshort stories. Oh, nearly forgot that I listened over at least half of the audio books "Foundation" (BBC version) too. ...
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Share How do you know him/her in a dialogue?
2011-12-13 11:32
How do you know him/her in a dialogue?
How do you know ( the personality and character of ) a girl (Lady)/guy (gentleman) quickly in English corner, or ...? To ask her: 1. What 3 words does your mom often use to describe you, like lazy, or fire temper, or kind, or thoughtful, or ...? 2. What 3 words do your best friend(s) often use to describe you, like ...? 3. What colors are your shirts in, your shoes, ...? 4. Which restaurants do you often go to? and so on. ...
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Share Social Relationships
2011-12-10 13:07
Social Relationships
Ability: At first, Mao Zedong was a teacher in a rural teacher's school who had never been studied abroad. Zhou Enlai was auniversity leader who had ever studied in France. Zhu De was a general who had ever studied in Japan. Liu Shaoqi was a national labor union leaderwho had ever studied in Russia. However, later, Mao Zedong was the leader. And Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi were the followers. Whe ...
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Share words hurt us but true
2011-12-5 22:16
words hurt us but true
words hurt us but true Maybe We did a few of achievements in career, but we failed in the perspective of family of our life. Career is important, and family is not important? Actually, we are not the president, we are not the leading guyin one area. We areonlylittle guys.Most time for most of us, family is more important than career. So, Sure to pay 60% energy to find a right guy/lady who would accompany you following th ...
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