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Slaughterhouses on wheels come to the aid of small farms Listening & Downloads 听力练习及下载 2 5094 mid_day 2010-8-5 11:26:03
  This is the VOA special english agriculture report. One of the great American successful stories af ...
A cotton plant kills one kind of bug, but gets blamed for another Listening & Downloads 听力练习及下载 2 6407 languagetips 2010-5-28 10:20:55
  This is VOA special english agriculture report. in 2008, scientists reported on the study of cotton ...
The dangers of counterfeit drugs (first of two parts) Listening & Downloads 听力练习及下载 3 6116 lyy999999 2010-3-9 15:31:27
  This is the VOA Special English Development Report. Counterfeit medicines are a widespread problem ...
Breathing Easier: The Art of Stove Making Listening & Downloads 听力练习及下载 3 5521 20020009 2010-2-5 11:55:27
  More than three billion people are at risk from indoor air pollution, because of the heating or cook ...
Corruption digs deepest in countries in conflict Listening & Downloads 听力练习及下载 3 7022 oldwiselady 2009-12-4 04:55:46
  Transparency international is out with its 2009 report on corruption around the world. The nongover ...
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