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I'm a new comer!! Practical English 实用英语 3 2037 johnzhang 2004-7-10 01:41:30
  Hi,Lisa welcome to CD club! and surely you will have a good time in the university. Congratulations ...
hello,everybody here Practical English 实用英语 2 2433 freedomray 2004-6-8 12:47:48
  What about your main problem in learning?
Anyone from SH 'd like to get improved together? Practical English 实用英语 2 2389 chunmagic 2004-6-5 23:39:48
  English is becoming a key point . Your contact way? we may communicate by mail or chatting on-line. ...
survey: what is your purpose of study english? ... 1 2 Practical English 实用英语 9 3598 dario_y 2004-6-4 12:03:50
  A tool=> to better communicate with outer china world, especially in nowadays. Also there is a lot o ...
Share the happiness and bitterness in learning English! Attachments ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 Practical English 实用英语 37 12173 samuel_pepys 2004-6-25 16:15:32
  maybe we can be partners together to encourage each other:)
English club in Shanghai Practical English 实用英语 1 1714 chunmagic 2004-6-3 15:32:18
  I am in SHA also, but living in YangPu now. also confusing in finding some chance to practice oral ...
I like to share the life with friends Attachments ... 1 2 Practical English 实用英语 9 4401 flarelee 2004-6-30 09:28:59
  Hello! I find this is a wonderful forum for us learner of English. Like to hear and share your grea ...
Say hi to everyone:) Practical English 实用英语 4 2424 chunmagic 2004-6-3 13:20:51
  Thanks! hope we will be good friends! as english is getting more important, let's improve together. ...
hi, anybody from shanghai?? ... 1 2 Practical English 实用英语 9 3724 chunmagic 2004-6-3 01:50:01
  May u happiness! would like to talk with u about new stuff and else. Best wishes!
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