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Tesla trying to setup plant at Shanghai;must use CHinese auto parts. Chinese Economy 4 40498 tenderloin 2018-10-13 06:54:05
  what you concern about is just the hardware, but the Chinese company still canot master the advanced ...
Based on US VP Pence speech, terminate China is only goal. No retreat for China Chinese Economy 2 39242 jie448 2018-10-11 16:46:17
  American just want you to assist them, do some low-end productions, but you want to exceed them and ...
"People Mountain, People Sea" ... 1 2 China Watch 8 30931 Motika 2018-10-22 19:36:22
  this could have negetive influences for the mass, the boss would order you to work in the vacation ...
"People Mountain, People Sea" ... 1 2 China Watch 8 30931 Motika 2018-10-22 19:36:22
  it is difficult to solve it for the government, as you know if we need the government to solve it, t ...
Poll Should schools be allowed to punish students with bad grades? Image attachment ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 83 China Watch 577 1040230 Thankopam 2019-10-15 16:20:48
  from the picture i just find they are having an exam or a test, because the classroom is not big eno ...
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      • How to achieve the peak of my life 2019-2-13 17:27

        A good many students set specific goals and stick to them since day one at college, they clearly know what they are going to do with their life, and their tenacity in achieving what they envision for themselves is admirable. So goals are key to a fulfilling life.

      • How to achieve the peak of my life 2019-1-26 15:53

        kevinruud: It is yourself only that do not want to learn more because nobody stops you from learning new knowledge.
        of course, different persons will stop at different places

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