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Share How to achieve the peak of my life
2019-1-25 11:00
The peak of my knowledge was realized when I took the entrance exam to college, after that I found knowledge isnot the most important because I chose to learn economic in the university and it was difficult to change a major for me, though if you were rich enough or had some useful social relationship, you could relatively easily change your major. But it is not important to study how to achieve another peak of my knowledge, I feel I should conseder how to achieve the peak of my life, which from ...
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Share Do you have some chronic diseases?
2019-1-24 09:31
Recently, I had a physical examination and found that I already have had three chronic diseases. How horrible, I am no longer young, I need to increase the exercise amount everyday. But I did not have a favorite exercise before, I need to find an exercise to do regularly. One's customs are difficult to change, you should develop your habits when young. What a unforgetfule lesson! Luckily, it's not too late, I can cultivate one habit gradually. So which exercise should I choose? Or m ...
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Share Do you ever invest in the stock market?
2019-1-23 11:01
Systematiclly reconstucting is the most neccessary during the tide of the fraudulent pratices in the stock market, the individual investors hardly make money by investing in the stock market, because they are cheating by the insititute investors, and maybe the actual controller of the listed company could order the board of directors to cooperate with them. Such as the institute investors would make money using their capital advantages and information advantages. Sometimes the listed comp ...
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Share The watershed of life
2019-1-22 14:33
My life would be better, if I concerned more about the undisclosed information or private information. That makes me know that we are not equal to get the same information. But how to collect information effectively? It seems like a bit difficult for me to improve my ability about it because China is a society where you get some undisclosed information by relative network. You need to be one member of that network, provide information for others and get information from them when you need. So I ...
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Share About technology budget
2019-1-22 11:18
Maybe you know our government enjoys supportting the new technologies developments because technology is the first producitivity. So there is the 2025 plan to develop new technologies which causes great concerns from Amrican government. The Americans concern about that because they are in the leading position in the technology and we are catching up with them in many fields, so they begins to worry about that. So why could we have such a great achivement? What roles does our government play in t ...
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Share Has your dream come true?
2019-1-18 13:23
Seldom I have a dream, and because my major in my college could help me find a job easily, so I studied another major in the college. The reason I chosen this major wad because it is one of the most practical one in my college. It is convinient to study it and my college is leading in colleges have that major. Finally, I found a job because of the second major knowledge I learnt. But after several years I found this job can reflect my advantages and I was not interested in it, though I can ...
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Share How to spend your life in the market economy?
2019-1-17 17:17
Again I encounter the economic crisis , the last time was in 2008 when Lehman brothers collapsed suddenly after I graduated from college and started to work in June. But our government did a lot to help the economy to recover from that crisis as fast as possible, so few people have deep bad feelings about it. Although I guess our central government would make new suitable policy to meet this crisis, I still feel there is great possible that could cause huge consequences complex to deal with in t ...
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Share How many children did Chinese bear in 2018?
2019-1-17 13:53
Many people know the fact that Shandong province which was the fondest of bearing childrenin Chinain 2016 and 2017 beared less children in 2018, so most of them expect Chinese would bear less children in 2018 than in 2017. Why is that a problem attracts wide publicity? All Chinese know that China has the largest population in the world for many years. And so China government enforced one child policy in 1980s, the number of new born children in China is becoming less and less, so the ...
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Share The possible sudden collapse of sth
2019-1-15 12:35
You know that the Americans view our country as the largest threat in the 21st century, so there would be more Trump-like presidents in the future. They would try their best to change our mind or stop the ecomomic development of out country. But our party's mind is determined to find a way that is suitable for our own conditions. So how will they do to stop us? It remind me of the collapse of the Soviet Union, it suddenly collapsed at the beginning of 1990s. Would that be the fate of our g ...
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      • How to achieve the peak of my life 2019-2-13 17:27

        A good many students set specific goals and stick to them since day one at college, they clearly know what they are going to do with their life, and their tenacity in achieving what they envision for themselves is admirable. So goals are key to a fulfilling life.

      • How to achieve the peak of my life 2019-1-26 15:53

        kevinruud: It is yourself only that do not want to learn more because nobody stops you from learning new knowledge.
        of course, different persons will stop at different places

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