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Report fantcy 2018-2-26 18:04
Hope grandma gets better
Report BlondeAmber 2018-2-25 04:04
why was your blog deleted?
Report fantcy 2018-2-22 20:51
All will turn out well.
Report fantcy 2018-2-19 21:47
The son is also a star!
Report SEARU 2018-2-19 21:02
fantcy: Great blogs
Thanks for your statement that is so inspiring!
Report seneca 2018-2-19 16:05
fantcy: Thank you ! Where are you from?
I am European with a S African background.
Report seneca 2018-2-19 15:38
Great blogs. Thank you for contacting me.
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  • Is Failure a Bad Thing? What Do You Think About It? 2019-5-18 15:48

    I was misunderstood. If a soldier fails, that means he will not have a second choice.

  • I love these very much! 2019-5-12 17:13

    I like the No. 2, it bears the resemblance of the work of a Taiwanese poet. The Chinese version is nice, the English one might have been better if some words had been replaced, in my opinion.

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