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Share I love these very much!
2019-4-30 18:49
脚步 母亲胸前 常捧着一本泛黄的日记 里面满记着 我童年的稚气 扉页上 还有我出生时双脚的印记 这双脚 曾满屋蹒跚 在校园里欢跑 还在水田里耘过草 如今这双脚 已走到天涯海角 它们踩出的每一步 却从未离开过母亲的怀抱 1.My Footsteps To her bosom Mother often holds a time-worn diary That has recorded All my childishness On the title page Are my first footprints This pair of feet Have ...
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Share Is Failure a Bad Thing? What Do You Think About It?
2019-4-5 11:32
Different people hold different attitudes toward failure.When faced with it,some can stand up to it,draw a useful lesson from it and try their best to fulfill what they are determined to do.Others,however, lose heart and give in. They do nothing but complain about themselves and objective conditins. As a popular saying goes,Failure teaches success. In my opinion , what really counts is not the failure itself,but the proper attitude we should take after it.I trust that ...
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Share love words
2018-2-26 19:45
01 I love three things in the world. sun,moon and you . Sun for moring,Moon for night, and you forever. 浮世有三,吾爱有三。 日月与卿。 日为朝,月为暮。 卿为朝朝暮暮。 02 I want to have a man heart until my hair white not leave. 愿得一人心,白首不分离。 03 I well think of you every step of way. 人生恰如三月花,倾我一生一世念。 04 I like you,but just I like you. 纵然相思入骨,我只待你眉眼如初,风华如故。 ...
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Share I am back!
2018-2-22 17:56
A few days ago because some reason can not log in,I am back here today!
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  • Is Failure a Bad Thing? What Do You Think About It? 2019-5-18 15:48

    I was misunderstood. If a soldier fails, that means he will not have a second choice.

  • I love these very much! 2019-5-12 17:13

    I like the No. 2, it bears the resemblance of the work of a Taiwanese poet. The Chinese version is nice, the English one might have been better if some words had been replaced, in my opinion.

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