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Report hello87654 2017-12-17 06:09
You people don't understand that it is not about capitalism vs communism. It's really pathetic to see you try to say that capitalism sucks, when capitalism is what has brought happiness back to Chinese people. Why can't you accept that the Chinese people suffered miserably under communism, and that communism has failed humanity wherever it has been imposed upon the people in any country. Sure, sure, today, not every Chinese is happy, and maybe not even most are happy, but the Chinese people today are not suffering today like how much they used to suffer in previous decades, right?

But, back to my point, it's not about "capitalism" per say. We're talking about giving the people the freedom to live as they please, to do as they please as long as it doesn't harm anyone else, and to give to each according to their own effort. You can call it whatever you want. Capitalism just happens to allow people such freedom, but it need not be capitalism.

Communism, on the other hand, only sounds good: equality for all. But its principles are rotten to the core. Say you have 10 people in a group. Make 2 people work hard, let 8 others idle around lazily, and then say, everyone must be given equal shares of everything. How long do you think those 2 people are going to continue working hard? They'll say, wth, why should I work and get nothing for it? So, you'll end up with 10 people doing nothing, and then who's going to feed you? And that's how China fell into deep poverty and starvation.

People have a inner sense of fairness and justice. You can't just forcibly take from one and give to another. Sure, giving is good, but that's a whole other topic, as in, it must be voluntary.

If you're stupid and incapable to climb the social ladder or the status ladder, then just admit it and accept it, and find a way to enjoy life as it is. If you can't afford the newest iPhone, then just forget it. If you truly wanted wealth, you would get it. Fact is, if you don't have it, you don't really want it. If you really wanted it, you would work for it and get it. Don't just sit there and dream about the government giving you free iPhones someday, because they took them from some hardworking people. That's what communism is about, isn't it? You need to change how you think, because it's wrong. And when I say wrong, I mean it causes unhappiness.

So forget face, you don't need it. What you need is love. To get love, first you learn to give it. That's it.

You're never going to convince me that socialism or communism is healthy or ideal. I don't give a hoot about capitalism. I abhor the consumerism society. What I love is the freedom. Capitalism just happens to allow that.

By the way, equality can never be achieved. Because people are not equal, period. People are not created equal, either. That's a lie. Is one person better than another? I would say, no. But people are not equal and they are not comparable. People have different personalities, enjoy different things, etc. People just need to treat everyone else with respect. It's not about equality but respect for all. So communism doesn't even make sense, if you even have half a brain in your head.

And if you're stuck in a communist/socialist country, it doesn't mean you have to suffer. What the government does, is their business. What you do, is your business. First, learn love, kindness, forgiveness. Then everything else will fall into place on their own. The society is not static, and each person affects another, in some way. The government is also a reflection of the people. Once the people change, the government changes automatically. Hence, you don't blame the government, either. Look at yourself, first.

By the way, in some ways Asian cultures are more developed than western cultures. It's not the "collectiveness" of Asian societies, as you claim. But Asians throughout the centuries have learned to be more forgiving and kind. I really do think western culture is harsh and more cruel in some ways. There is a warmth in Asia that is lacking in western countries. Asians just don't advertise it, like what the west does, so no one speaks of the good things about Asia.

It's not communism that has allowed China to rise. And it also wasn't communism that allowed the Chinese civilization to survive to today. If anything, communism almost destroyed Chinese civilization. I hope you understand that.

I don't hate you, but am I afraid to visit China? Yes. Do I think badly of Chinese people? No. Life goes on and keeps changing. I hope that Chinese will soon get bored of money, and then turn to spirituality more.

It has been predicted that civilization will move from west to east. I do have secret hopes for China, still in my heart. And cross my fingers. Just because I loved my grandmother so.

But it's just this lifetime that you are Chinese. You have been born and raised in other countries as well. Love all people, the same. I think we should not divide amongst ourselves so much, but we all have our good and bad points, and we all can learn from one another. Though I am proud to be Chinese in my heart, but I just can't say it, because it's embarrassing to be Chinese today.

By the way, you people were taught wrong. Chinese is Chinese in the blood. It's not about nationality, a modern concept.

Good luck to you all.
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