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Share Get closer to people full of positive energy in 2018
2018-1-30 14:07
Generally speaking,one half of a person's three-outlook comes fromhisknowledgeandthe societyhe connects, the other half fammily and friends. But most time the latter has directly guiding function. Don't waste time on people with negtaive energy. Author Li Shanglong once said,'negative energy is lashing others' badness and cursing society's injustice; positive energyis more than that, after telling the facts, no matter how hard it is, some effo ...
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Share world needs justice
2017-12-14 13:56
Last night i was deeply touched by adocumentary called Zhang Chunru- the rape of Nanking. I still remembered somebody refered this name to me in the middle schoolbut i ignored it because i knew nothing about it at that time. Zhang Chunru,an American-Chinese, putmost of her life inexploringtheastonishing history and make it clear to people around the world. The minute she saw some horrible pictures and words simply describing som ...
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