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The Oven

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Today is a bit cool. Rain has washed away much of the humidity. A  gentle breeze soothes the travels. Travelling is so much more pleasant  than only a day ago.
Chongqing, the oven, a moniker that is well  earned. I suppose temperatures could be hotter, or we could be in  hell.Walking -- even for a few blocks -- made sweat flow. Quickly, my  throat became parched. Water, I needed water, cold water--and lots of  it.

This happened to be a day selected for travelling a long way  and included some miles of walking. Maybe my life was saved through  having packed a refillable bottle of water. It got refilled constantly  because the water was consumed constantly.

Seeing became an  issue. So much sweat poured down my forehead, my eyes became flooded  every few minutes. Wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes was useless.  The heat kept my glasses foggy and wet with sweat.

I admire  anyone who can deal with this oven, I CANNOT. I am only happy that I at  least showered, so my body is not too dirty or funky.

Chao Tian Men Port held some intrigue. Despite annoying rain, lots of people scurried around this vast site.

One  had to go down a steep hill to be in the area. Once there, itwas  still a4 or 5 story decline in order to get to where the port actually  is. From above you had a panoramic view of the river, the ships on the  river, a large suspension bridge, and the city skyline.In the haze, the  skyline looked beautiful. Despite the haze, the river looked awful.

The  murky waters went from a color of deep green to brown.Who knows what  was to be found in that water.I bet no fish or human could survive.

One  ship on the water looked like a cruise ship. Evidently, this is one  that takes people on a tour of the river and The Three Gorges. Although  the ship was huge, it did not appear to be particularly full.I do not  know the exact schedule, but it was still fairly early in the morning,  and the ship had yet to depart.Lots of salesmen hadaggressively  atttempted to sell tickets for the ride.So many of them practically  escorted me down the hill and into the port begging for  a sale.

The other ships resembled traditional Chinese  ships -- very old in design. Those ships were restaurants, I  think. Surprisingly, I did not see a lot more vendors selling their  wares. It is likely that the inclement weather had something to do with the low turnout.

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