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Share I'm a freelancer right now, and I feel great!
hedgehog_run 2017-4-17 15:49
It's April now. I'm sitting at a table in a cafe called "85 degree". The willow catkins are fluttering in the air, to my screen through an window opened by someone. Severalboys and girlsfrom colleages in this neighhood are reading, chatting around. I quit my last job three and a half months ago, for a lot of reasons, one of which is themost importancethatI just can not let myself waste one more minute ofmy lifein chaos of personnel disputes. I ...
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Share A day soaked in SUNLIGHT!
hedgehog_run 2017-4-13 23:28
Kept working hard for several days. My body has always been weak and I wake up this morning and felt very uncomfortable. Istill cannot concentrate on work after several tries. My ears kept hearing a sharp noise. My right waist kept hurting. Even the liver, if ihad a good guess,was not feeling well. Sunlight was showing its final presence through the window. Wind of spring was blowing the curtains and its vibration reached to my heart. Right at the last time I tried t ...
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Share Exercises! That's why I feel so energetic now!(2)
hedgehog_run 2017-4-13 00:21
Well, first of all, it's 3 minutes to 24:00. I feel exhausted now, although I had a cup of coffe at 10:00 AM, which is supposed to make me stay clear all day long. But, it's midnight. It did work all day long. Yesterday, I wrote about when and why I started exercises. Today, I wanna talk about something happening right now. Every week, if it doesn't rain, I would run outsidearound my neighborhood, twice. Other than that, I would do aerobic exercises like yogaand anaerobic e ...
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Share Exercises! That's why I feel so energetic now. (1)
hedgehog_run 2017-4-12 10:55
Several minutes ago, I told my friend my latest resolution, whichwillalso be a present for my birthday on 28th, June, given by myself. Do you happen to know a famous female star named Yuan Shanshan, once be so hated by audience that they call upon people to expel her out of entertainment world but now back into sight with her abdominal muscle. Put aside how people change their opinion by star's figure, firm abs is what exactlyI'm talking about. Two years ago, I started bri ...
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Share Good news come in on this rainy day.
hedgehog_run 2017-4-11 23:12
Rainy days occupied 6 out of 31 days last month. If it could not be called spring in Jiangnan, this April will make up that imperfection. I used to like rainy days. Dim light, shut curtain, whispered music and a cup of tea consist of a great atomosphere in which you can read or enjoy just the solitude. But that was back when I was living in my hometown that is a small northern city in Anhui Province, dry and rain little unlike Jiangnan known for its abundant rainfall. Rainy days here are so ...
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Share Gardening tells something meaningful.
hedgehog_run 2017-4-9 23:37
Wherever I live, in small single room of an apartment or ina not-big apartment, I would grow something. Ranged from green plants, which grows green leaves all the time but never blossom, to thoseherbages, annuals or perennials, I think Iperformed well in gardening.There is a character's line in SIM 3, a game of avatar growingunder gamers' control, that is, if you want harvest, you have to put your hands in dirty earth and perspire. Yes, one surely need to do that. ...
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Share The key to be clean is to keep clean!  
hedgehog_run 2017-4-9 21:52
Try to picture in your mind what will the kitchen look like if you never clean it up through a whole week. What a chaos! You mama will shout at you and you have to do the cleaning after all, even if you hate it most of all. I hate cleaning too, so I always put daily cleaning into 3-day cleaning or maybe longer, 7-day cleaning, the latter causing much more of my energy. While I'm at it, Ialways wonder why Idid not finish cleaning the day before and I will laugh at myselffor I k ...
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