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Good news come in on this rainy day.

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Rainy days occupied 6 out of 31 days last month. If it could not be called spring in Jiangnan, this April will make up that imperfection. I used to like rainy days. Dim light, shut curtain, whispered music and a cup of tea consist of a great atomosphere in which you can read or enjoy just the solitude. But that was back when I was living in my hometown that is a small northern city in Anhui Province, dry and rain little unlike Jiangnan known for its abundant rainfall.

Rainy days here are so different. Drizzly. High humidity. It seems the rain will never stop and the world is going to like this to the end. When you go outside with an umbrella, the rain would stop just right when you are outside. When you are without an umbrella, trust me, the rain never treat you like a caring friend. Several times after, you bring an umbrella all the time without even noticing the action of taking it before you go out of the main door.

It rains today, of course. But good news come. I was picked up by the editor and become a member. Also, I was assigned the chapters I should finish translation before next week. Doesn't it sound great? I was relieved some how. But I know I should insist on giving the same hardwork and the same attitude as those days I wasn't given an oppotunity. Strive for what you want to have. Remember what kind of person you want to be.

Each day, move up a little.

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    • Exercises! That's why I feel so energetic now. (1) 2017-4-14 13:30

      hedgehog_run: Wow, Taichi! Good for you~Where do you do the standing stance?

      As for reading, I would recommend it too. A friend of my came up with an idea of readi ...
      One can do the standing stance just about anywhere that is quiet. For me, I often do the exercise out in the open, in the yard, but if the pollution is bad I'll do it in the apartment.

    • Exercises! That's why I feel so energetic now. (1) 2017-4-13 20:55

      Chengking: There are two things I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anybody, exercising and reading. They are pleasurable and beneficial and one can do it one's  ...
      Wow, Taichi! Good for you~Where do you do the standing stance?

      As for reading, I would recommend it too. A friend of my came up with an idea of reading a book per month this year and I've read not only 3 books. In fact, as I started to gain a sense of joyment from reading, I desired to read more. And I began to realise how little I knew and how arrogant I was before.

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