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Foreign diplomats, representatives briefed on 19th National Congress China Daily News 1 878 andreamoneti 2017-11-1 20:11:36
  A new International organization of political parties for a global New Era?
Enlightened Chinese democracy puts the West in the shade Recycle bin China Daily News 1 59 seneca 2017-10-18 15:51:06
  It is time that China exports in west not only goods but newly new socialist ideas too
Adapting Marxism called crucial China Daily News 5 1027 markwu 2017-10-1 09:28:58
  Our hope is that the great CPC knows as transform globalization in internationalism of the workers. ...
UN action along with talks is the way to solve DPRK issue China Daily News 2 876 andreamoneti 2017-9-11 14:30:12
  Now that DPRK and USA can treat at the same military level, we are waiting that an indipendent negot ...
Former soldier fights to preserve Hebei war relic China Daily News 2 624 andreamoneti 2017-9-8 14:09:17
  Well done, Cao.
China condemns DPRK's latest nuke test China Daily News 6 1073 andreamoneti 2017-9-4 18:07:29
  We hope that China don't bear troubles upon the threshold of his home
Rising online sales leaving bookstores on the shelf[3]- China Daily News 5 866 andreamoneti 2017-8-20 18:35:47
  In past, to read and to own books, was a social status-symbol too. No more today, like in China so i ...
Rising online sales leaving bookstores on the shelf[3]- China Daily News 5 866 andreamoneti 2017-8-20 18:35:47
  In EU it the same thing. But only in real bookshops and in public libraries the readers can casually ...
What do you think about China's military?[3]- China Daily News 2 463 andreamoneti 2017-7-29 16:25:23
  I want remember the memory of the italian Ilio Barontini, hero of many anti-fascist resistence wars, ...
Li to focus on trade in European visit China Daily News 2 410 andreamoneti 2017-5-31 13:31:03
  welcome in UE, long life to our new friendship with Belt and Road!
CPC Central Committee calls to institutionalize education campaign China Daily News 2 302 andreamoneti 2017-3-29 14:10:44
  many peoples in the world are waiting for a new chinese global contribution for the cause of sociali ...
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