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Share Am I sorry for what I did?
2017-9-22 11:32
I don't know what regret it is when I was a kid,Until now there's not a day goes by I don't fell regret.I look back on the way I was then,they make me sank in thought.But now I don't want wasting time to regret anymore.Their excistence reminds me to become more braver,harder,and cherish youth. I could not sleep last night,that boy is full of my memory,I missed him so much.Without my parents pemission I couldn't contact him.How I wish they could agree I married with him.I gave my parents a compro ...
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Share potential stocks
2016-12-13 11:36
Rarely there has a sort of marriage, unsatisfied in the opening, but finally becomes more and more comfortable. And that's one of my best friends marriage, She lives a happy life now. and I’m really happy for her.Once I told her, she got a "potential stock",She was puzzled and said her husband neither was handsome nor rich. I said, your life is getting better and better, exactly he is "potential stock". Once an elderly woman told me If you want to marry a good boy,firstly, yourself must b ...
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