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Share Unavoidable Taboo--Death, I Want to Know (Part 2)
2016-5-12 11:24
Part 2--The Negative Effects of Death Dodging Dodging death does not mean death will not exist. It always awaits you somewhere. Ignoring it just brings more fear to your heart, because horror always comes from ignorance and lack of knowledge of something. Multitude of secular people unconsciously plunge into deep sea of agony, fear and trepida ...
Personal category: common sense, life, religion|2657 views|5 comments Popularity 1
Share Unavoidable Taboo--Death, I Want to Know
2016-5-11 14:11
Thisisatrulybigsubject,complicatedandsensitive.Iamnotgoingtohaveanacademicstudy onthis,Ijustwanttosortoutmyownunderstandingandperceptiononthisissue. &nbs ...
Personal category: common sense, life, religion|2367 views|5 comments Popularity 3
Share Human and Robot, who is more trustworthy?
2016-5-8 23:26
Briefly retrospecting some stories on machines or robots with AI: On Feb. 17, 1996, Deep Blue, the chess computer developed by IBM was defeated by Kasparov On May 11, 1997, Deep Blue, defeated Kasparov and was dismantled afterwards. In March, 2016, AlphaGo, board game “go” computer programmed by Google DeepMind in London, beat Lee Sedol. Based upon this merit, AlphaGo was awarded an honorary 9-dan by the Korea Baduk Association. Before and after these, discussions on AI surge roaringly, b ...
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Share It is too Early for Chinese to be Complacent
2016-5-6 17:13
----Impressions of an article from China Daily No doubt, from 2011, China overpassed Japan and became the 2nd economy in the world. And just because of this, a lot of Chinese felt that the time for learning from Japan has gone by forever. Right, something which was in vogue some day really may become outdated; but something not so, or at least it will take longer time to go obsoleted. Though I had never visited Japan (and I really hope so ...
Personal category: Economy and Life|1112 views|0 comments
Share How Long Economic Hegemony Mentality May Exist?
2016-5-6 14:38
Iheardandreadsomereportsorarticlesrecentlyfrommedias,suchasTV,RadioorWebsites,aboutUS ’ slong-term deep-rooted mentality ofeconomichegemony.ThespeechbyMr.PrsedientObama epitomized thisthought, ” Americashouldwritetherules.America& ...
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Share Let’s wait and see
2016-5-4 15:16
Today,IfoundanarticlefromChinaDailywebsitetitled“Noletupinanti-graftfight,XiwarnsParty‘cabalsandcliques’”,afterreading,Ihadangeneralimpressionthat,withinhePartyhasmorethanonecabalsandfactions,andtheyarestillmakingconspiracyor& ...
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Share Ninety Percent of Chinese Monasteries Were Contracted?
2016-5-4 09:46
Infact,thisisnotanewnews,searchingontheinternetshowsthatin2012therelatedauthoritieshadalreadyissuedregulationstocurb,manageanderadicatethisphenomenon. Themonasteries,asthequietandsacredplaces,should bethesecularpeople ’ ss ...
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  • How to recover quickly from fatigue 2017-3-13 07:48

    Dracarys: just do some exercises like jogging and running then take a shower and have a good sleep, wake up the next day you will find yourself ready to do anyt ...
    Your suggestion is quite right and practical!
    Besides this, I feel that, above all of these methods, the most import way to succeed in recovering both physically and psychologically quickly is to try one's best to maintain simplicity in all aspects of our life, work, socialising and relationships. Simplicity guarantees our hearts enjoy tranquility at any time and any where.

  • How to recover quickly from fatigue 2017-3-3 16:19

    just do some exercises like jogging and running then take a shower and have a good sleep, wake up the next day you will find yourself ready to do anything ..maybe it's a little easier but life is easier if you want it in your way ..

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