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Share Forex Trading is a long march to your dream of financial freedom
zhanggli2010 2017-5-18 11:29
From December, 2016, I started a tes t for Forex trading based upon a kind of self-designed algorithm. And this version was already updated from that applied around 2011 t0 2012. To my surprise, this newly upgraded qusi-robot trading system worked very well and within 4 months the profit rose up to over 30%. And just before I initiated preparation for celebrating the success, the market ripped up all my dream within one week after Mr. Macron won his presidency. ...
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Share How to recover quickly from fatigue
zhanggli2010 2017-2-25 20:08
The last blog I wrote is on Sept. 18, 2016. During the past five months, so many great things happened to my life and work. I could not stop myself writing a blog today, because I felt that I will break down if I cannot pour out my feelings and emotions. I am quite clear that this will not help me a lot, but just to release my press ure a little bit and perhaps the tips introduced by me hereunder may help those with similar troubl ...
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Share Why family members quarrel over trivial matters so much?
zhanggli2010 2016-9-18 14:00
I have been perplexed recently by more and more quarrels among my family members, especially after Gaokao. In fact, our family only consists of we three: parents and daughter. It would be reasonable to have less things to worry about after Gaokao, but the real situation is contrary. Before Gaokao, most of our attention and time were focused upon our daughter's study and classes in and out of school, and fewer contradictions occurred then, even we ...
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Share Why good men feeling insecure?
zhanggli2010 2016-9-9 12:12
Do you feel that? Goodpeoplenowadays always feel insecure and on alert every second, trying to avoid beingcheated of money? How many telecom fraud calls you receive everday? Don't you feel that you are almost being besieged by them? After calculating the numberof thoseperpetrators, you may be frightened. Howdare they be so rampant in committing such crimes? Don'tthey know "k ...
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Share I shook my head and I nodded my head
zhanggli2010 2016-7-30 23:35
Toady, I just tell two scenarios I encountered while shopping in a supermarket. After selecting all the foods and other necessities, I pushed the trolley towards the cashier and then I saw in front of me a tall mid-aged thin man took a small handful of stir-fried sunflower seeds and gave it to a little boy of about four or five years old, which I deemed should be that man’s son and said, “eat it”. I found that the little boy was already eating something bef ...
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Share More than greetings to my friends after returning from my daughter's Gaokao
zhanggli2010 2016-7-19 13:03
Nearly two months has passed since my last blog dated May 28, 2016. During the past days, I accompanied my daughter's whole process of Gaokao, China's yearly national college enrollment examination. I got the web-published letter of admission for my daughter from a language university in Beijing yesterday, and this may mean a temporary rest for the past 12 years march for my daughter and our family. I thoroughly understand all the families who had just experienced the same physica ...
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Share Unavoidable Taboo--Death, I Want to Know (Part 6 )
zhanggli2010 2016-5-28 10:40
Part 6--Some Changes Needed for Our Education It is the last topic, but not lesssensitive. From the kindergarten, preliminary school, to middle and high school through to the post-doctoral eduction, in China (not dare to say World), I am certain that nearly none of our textbooks had ever addressed the “death” as ...
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Share Unavoidable Taboo--Death, I Want to Know (Part 5)
zhanggli2010 2016-5-22 14:13
Part 5--Experiencing Death While Alive Though Death is a taboo, it is not absolutely untouchable. Recent media reports both from abroad and home have shown that an increasing number of people are pondering, studying and even “exper ...
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Share Unavoidable Taboo--Death, I Want to Know (Part 4)
zhanggli2010 2016-5-17 12:20
Part 4--Which Theory Is More Reasonable About Life Death? As a common person, I am quite interested in reading books on this kind of subjects. The Bible, Koran and many Buddhist Sutras all expound their theories and doctrines on life and death. Based on my own personal comparison, not on rigorous theoretical study, I am more likely inclined to think that Budd ...
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Share Unavoidable Taboo--Death, I Want to Know (Part 3)
zhanggli2010 2016-5-13 09:49
Part 3--Afterlife, Perceived from Common Sense It is uneasy to clearly demonstrate the variant viewpoints on afterlife, so I simply sort it out on the ground of common sense. Very roughly, the viewpoints could fall into two categories or schools: one believes afterlife exists; another one does not. In the first category: Christians believe that they can go to heaven after death if they believe God and commit no sins. Buddhism disciples believes that if one cannot trans ...
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