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I shook my head and I nodded my head

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Toady, I just tell two scenarios I encountered while shopping in a supermarket.
After selecting all the foods and other necessities, I pushed the trolley towards the cashier and then I saw in front of me a tall mid-aged thin man took a small handful of stir-fried sunflower seeds and gave it to a little boy of about four or five years old, which I deemed should be that man’s son and said, “eat it”.
I found that the little boy was already eating something before that man gave him sunflower seeds. Why? They were then near the stand of nuts and seeds.
I could not make any judgment on this scene, but it reminded me of one of my own past events: one time while shopping, I got so thirsty and I could not resist grabbing a bottle of mineral water and quaffed it immediately, and afterwards, I paid it with the empty bottle.
Was it possible for that man to pay with the emptied seeds’ skin?
I shook my head and said to myself: whatever, forget it.
After checking out, my wife and I came out of the supermarket and then she went to KFC to buy some chicken wings leaving me waiting for her outside. Just then, a trolley passed by me quickly and then stopped abruptly a few steps away. Before making clear what had happened, I heard the lady who held the trolley shouted at a girl standing in the trolley, “why did you drop that bottle on the ground?” At this moment, I noticed there was a small plastic bottle of lactobacillus near the trolley.
“Go and picked up and throw into the trash can”, ordered that lady sternly.
I could be sure that she was the mother of the poor little girl.
The girl, who looked like three or four years old, jumped out of the trolley obediently and picked up the bottle and run to the trash can.
I nodded my head several times silently in their direction.

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