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Human and Robot, who is more trustworthy?

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Briefly retrospecting some stories on machines or robots with AI:

On Feb. 17, 1996, Deep Blue, the chess computer developed by IBM was defeated by Kasparov

On May 11, 1997, Deep Blue, defeated Kasparov and was dismantled afterwards.

In March, 2016, AlphaGo, board game “go” computer programmed by Google DeepMind in London, beat Lee Sedol. Based upon this merit, AlphaGo was awarded an honorary 9-dan by the Korea Baduk Association.

Before and after these, discussions on AI surge roaringly, but no shocked have I felt.

However, recently, one article about the trustworthiness comparison between AI and human caught my eyesight.

In the article, the fields to which AI is applied involve investment and financial advisory issues. The studies showed that the robo-advisor is much more trustworthy than humankind. One common reason for this conclusion is that these robots with AI don’t judge us, now matter what questions your raise, even unethical or embarrassing.

Inspired by these phenomenon, I also searched my own past experiences and a similar and intriguing case was found to support the conclusion: I had planned to drive to a new but not very far location in Beijing. Though I had never been there, I believed that I could find it based upon my own judgment. However, I could not help but open the GPS navigation system. I was afraid that it would take me more time to go there without navigation. Obviously, I trusted the GPS more than myself in terms of accuracy.

On the basis of thinking and analysis, I got some initial points of view on AI and human’ trustworthiness:

Any machines or robots with AI features, no mater how complicated, advanced and smart they are, are produced, created and established by human race.

Their knowledge, wisdom (if any), skills and capability and power, all are given, programmed, or preset by human intelligence.

The virtues and morals of these robots or smart machines as defined by the said two features, were bestowed by us. These spiritual features which will determine and define its function or performances, are just like the seeds we sow in the field. If the seeds sowed are good, the crops we reap will be good.

Therefore, whether an AI product is good or bad entirely depends on ourselves. A good robot will never become bad unless a program which may lead it to change bad has been implanted in it.

My conclusion is that, as the creator of AI beings, the humankind should never blame or rebuke their “children”. If you have to, it is us whom should be accused of.

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