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Share Why family members quarrel over trivial matters so much?
zhanggli2010 2016-9-18 14:00
I have been perplexed recently by more and more quarrels among my family members, especially after Gaokao. In fact, our family only consists of we three: parents and daughter. It would be reasonable to have less things to worry about after Gaokao, but the real situation is contrary. Before Gaokao, most of our attention and time were focused upon our daughter's study and classes in and out of school, and fewer contradictions occurred then, even we ...
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Share I shook my head and I nodded my head
zhanggli2010 2016-7-30 23:35
Toady, I just tell two scenarios I encountered while shopping in a supermarket. After selecting all the foods and other necessities, I pushed the trolley towards the cashier and then I saw in front of me a tall mid-aged thin man took a small handful of stir-fried sunflower seeds and gave it to a little boy of about four or five years old, which I deemed should be that man’s son and said, “eat it”. I found that the little boy was already eating something bef ...
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