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Share Forex Trading is a long march to your dream of financial freedom
zhanggli2010 2017-5-18 11:29
From December, 2016, I started a tes t for Forex trading based upon a kind of self-designed algorithm. And this version was already updated from that applied around 2011 t0 2012. To my surprise, this newly upgraded qusi-robot trading system worked very well and within 4 months the profit rose up to over 30%. And just before I initiated preparation for celebrating the success, the market ripped up all my dream within one week after Mr. Macron won his presidency. ...
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Share It is too Early for Chinese to be Complacent
zhanggli2010 2016-5-6 17:13
----Impressions of an article from China Daily No doubt, from 2011, China overpassed Japan and became the 2nd economy in the world. And just because of this, a lot of Chinese felt that the time for learning from Japan has gone by forever. Right, something which was in vogue some day really may become outdated; but something not so, or at least it will take longer time to go obsoleted. Though I had never visited Japan (and I really hope so ...
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