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Share A debate on "Do you prefer a baby or an adult"between friends
2016-3-28 17:15
A:Do you prefer a baby or an adult?Or in other words,which identity would you like to impress and can be able to show your intelligence ? B:How come in this earth would you exemplify that kind of eccentric choice? A:Em! I also think it is strange,let me try to make sense my words,when a person is young and naive,we are easy to teach him the rules and impress him with our power or show our intelligence upon him,but when he grows up,he becomes knowledgeable and ma ...
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Share A debate on "Is China a good place to reside"between friends
2016-3-19 17:53
A: Many foreigners regard China as a good place to make a living and to settle down,do you know? B: Oh! Really?!I seldom agree with you,buddy.How can you be so confident and proud ?Tell me what have you colleted,please. A: They admire the transportation system and the education system in China. B: More details? A: They compare the transportation system in USA with that in China,they think it more convenient and affordable to t ...
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Share A story about a debate on God between friends:Yes or No
2016-3-11 16:34
A: God stands everywhere! B: So why cannot I touch him just by stretching my hands? A: How can you know you cannot touch him? B: There is nothing solid in my hands. A: How can you know there is nothing in your hands? B: I can feel nothing concrete except the air we inhale for living. A: God appears in any way you imagine,of course,besides gaseous state,maybe he just slided away from your palms before the time your brain told you that,God is omnipot ...
Personal category: daily life|1558 views|0 comments
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