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Share Why is this winter so chilly?
2016-1-22 19:35
Why is this winter so chilly?
Well,I have to admit that this winter is really chilly, and I am typing all these words in the bed right now. It looks as if I were living in the ice cave, because cold wind is always blowing, making all my body in the cold even indoors. Only staying in the bed can I feel a little bit of warmth. Due to the cold weather, I would rather stay in the dormitory than go outside. Now, I am still in Wuhan, and it will be two days before I go home. Alone in the dorm as well as the bad weather, I bec ...
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Share Internet Thinking+Baked Sweet Potatoes
2016-1-22 19:08
Internet Thinking+Baked Sweet Potatoes
Yesterday, I read a piece of the latest news about the internet thinking and baked sweet potatoes, which made a deep impression on me. The news tells a story about a grandpa who sells his baked sweet potato by means of the internet thinking. It couldn’t be more familiar to all of us that lots of the older often ride a tricycle and sell baked sweet potatoes on the cold street every winter. We, the shopping-strollers, will buy a baked sweet potato, which tastes really yummy and may remind yo ...
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Share Can Money Buy Success?
2016-1-10 13:39
Can Money Buy Success?
In our childhood, we all heard about a famous fairy tale “Where is happiness”. The cute girl in the story took a long time to look for the answer, but eventually the answer was simple, as happiness was just surrounding her. It is said that life can’t last without money, but money can’t buy success in terms of health, friendship as well as family reunion. On the one hand, money can’t buy health, which is the basic aspect of happiness. Just as the famous saying goes, health is pr ...
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Share Giving Children Cell Phones
2016-1-10 12:21
Giving Children Cell Phones
Nowadays, in order to keep in touch perfectly with their children, an increasing number of parents tend to equip them with different kinds of cell phones. What they think about is just to provide an approach to communicate with kids as well as enrich their life by listening to music. If possible, they hope cell phones can explore children’s talents or imagination. Though the initial idea of parents is obviously simple, a great many problems still come up. First, instead of frequen ...
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Share The Suitcase Could be Abale to Walk
2015-12-25 23:58
Whenthetrainwasleav ing ,afat-belliedfather tookaboxthroughthecheck-inentranceand gavetheconductorhisticketinahurry .He dressedinanovercoataswellasapairofpolishedleathershoesandw ore ablackhat . Becausehedidn’tw ...
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Share Traveling Deepens Friendship
2015-12-25 23:53
Nowadays,alargemajorityofpeoplehaveatendencytotravel,whichwillnotonlyentertainthemselvesbutalsobroadentheirhorizons.Mostimportantly,Isupposetravelingplaysanessentialroleinbuildingadeeprelationshipamongmyfriendsandme. Firstofall,t ...
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Share Just Go With It
2015-12-25 23:52
Today I watched a movie called JustGoWithIt which impresses me a lot. JustGoWithIt isalovecomedymoviemadeby DennisDugan ,awell-knownAmericandirector.Ithasenjoyedabigsuccessintermsofthesmashballofficeandthethemeofalltheplotsaswell. ...
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Share Bookreview On the Old Man and the Sea
2015-12-25 23:51
Yesterday , Ireadthenovel theOldManandtheSeaofHemingway, thefamouswriterofUSA. Hemignway, whowaseverawardedtheNobelLiteraturePrize, isacknowledgedoneofthebestnovelistsin1920s. Thisnovel, tosomedegree, foritspopular ...
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Share Sharing an apartment with roommates is a good choice
2015-12-25 23:49
Nowadays, thereexistsafiercedebateonwhetheruniversitystudentsshouldshareanapartmentwithroommates.Itishardto judgewhetheritiswrongornot, butIsupposesharing an apartmentwithroommatesisdefinitelyagoodchoice. Ontheonehand , ...
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