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Fish, my favorite dish

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For Chinese, fish is one indispensable dish on the menu during big festivals. Among lots of dishes, I enjoy fish very much. According to the current medical research, in addition to the symbol of luck and wealth, fish has numerous benefits for our health.

Firstly, eating fish can protect our eyesight. It is said that the decline of the central retina is the common reason why the eyesight of the old fail. Well, fish is abundant in fat acid, which can better lower the risk of the mutation of the eyes. 

Secondly, eating fish can be good to the pregnant women. It is reported that the odds that babies develop eczema will decrease by 43% if the mothers-to-be eat fish every week. Besides, the rich DNA in the fish can remain the normal function of the retina. What’s more, the DNA will largely improve the babies’ intellectual level, language expressing skills as well as athletic abilities. Specifically speaking, the baby will be born brilliant if his mother eats enough fish during the period of pregnancy.

Thirdly, eating fish can lower the risk of heart disease. As is well-known, heart disease is still the fatal factor that results in the death of the adults in America. The dangerous situation, however, can be greatly improved if people eat fish twice a week. The fat acid of the fish can reduce the risk of death by 17%.

Fourthly,eating fish can protect our skin. It is widely said that the fish oil can balance grease in our body and maintain moisture. Moreover, eating more fish can free our skin from the ultraviolet ray and protect the collagen. And collagen has a high water retention and smoothing function, and serves to preserve moisture, prevent wrinkles and provide nutrition for the skin. 

Fifthly, eating fish can be beneficial to digesting food. The fish is quite easy to be digested and absorbed by the body. And the fat acid after digestion can be combined with the cholesterolemia and then the cholesterol will be reduced, which will increase the possibility of good health. 

As far as the new research is concerned, eating fish has more than these advantages for our health. Nevertheless, we still have to pay more attention to some details that are easy to be ignored. 

At first, try not to eat the head of the fish, or less. Recently, it is found that the older the fish is, the more the mercury banking up in the fish brain or the skin is. Therefore, we should eat less the head of the fish in case of poisoning. Next, fish is not a perfect choice for the allergic guy. Additionally, the fish roe is not suitable for the people who have the so-called three-high, for the roe contains much fat acid. What’s worse, there is an increasing trend that people have preference for the import food. But when choosing import fish, we can’t be more careful too much. We are supposed to take some vital factors into careful consideration, like the water pollution. The fish growing in the polluted ocean will definitely harm our body.

Which dish makes me pleased and content? Fish! I love eating fish in different forms every week, because eating fish makes me refreshed and in deep thought about instant inspiration. Due to the interest in fish, now I am learning cooking fish and I hope by the mean I can bring best wishes and luck to my family.
                                                                                                                                                    Date: Feb 1, 2016

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2016-2-2 10:15
i guess a kitten will say the very similar things.
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-2-2 10:25
Dr.Bill.Shen: i guess a kitten will say the very similar things.
Haha, yes, you are right. I enjoy the similiar dish with a kitten. Now I m going to cook the boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili. Love it very much.
Reply Report saver 2016-2-2 16:49
cooking tech is good
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-2-2 17:51
saver: cooking tech is good
yes, it is right
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-2-2 17:51
saver: cooking tech is good
yes, it is right

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