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Internet Thinking+Baked Sweet Potatoes

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Yesterday, I read a piece of the latest news about the internet thinking and baked sweet potatoes, which made a deep impression on me.

The news tells a story about a grandpa who sells his baked sweet potato by means of the internet thinking. It couldn’t be more familiar to all of us that lots of the older often ride a tricycle and sell baked sweet potatoes on the cold street every winter. We, the shopping-strollers, will buy a baked sweet potato, which tastes really yummy and may remind you of your interesting childhood. Unlike the other sellers, the grandpa, aged about seventy, adopted a different method to conduct his business. 
Frankly speaking, baked sweet potatoes don’t sell well these days due to the rigid management of the city patrol. The grandpa, however, knows how to uses his head and caters to the young people. Customers can choose to transfer money to him for the baked sweet potatoes by scanning QR code. Obviously, it is convenient for today’s people, for they don’t have to worry whether they have cash with themselves. What’s more, people can pay less in this way. He has been collecting more than 200 fans and he decides to serve his customers for free when his fans reaches 300. With the simple approach, the grandpa is said to have earned more than before. He often counts the money with his granddaughter every night with a sense of relief and happiness.

In The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin stated that “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the most adaptable to change.” This ability to change is so important, as businessmen seek to win customers and expand their markets. The trusted approach may prove to be successful in the past, but it will turn out to be different result now. If the grandpa didn’t take action to change, then he wouldn’t live a better life in the information age. Instead, he would fall behind the age and wait to die.

 I am totally moved and encouraged by the grandpa. Old as he is, he still understands the fact that he has to change his selling points in today’s society if he wants to survive. This ability to work with market changes is a difficult one to cultivate. However, it is essential to make use of any situation that arises. By being agile and making small, swift innovations, the grandpa can keep pace with the market rather than being left behind.

Whereas, some young men still live in his own world, thinking in a old way. They are ambitious to succeed, but they are lack of innovation, afraid of changing and failure. Only in their own world can they feel comfortable and satisfied. I think this incident will motivate these people to have a deep reflection on themselves and do some changes in their life.    
Today, the internet thinking has been applied in many parts of our life. The O2O selling system(online-to-offline) does make our life more efficient as well as convenient. Meanwhile, merchants can use social networking like instant messaging or video chat for businesses, which makes it much easier to find buyers that are interested in what they have to sell. This approach can also help the company to keep up with user adoption trends, and therefore in a better position to manage the impact of market disruption.

The society is moving forward, and we should also keep pace with it. Otherwise, we will be eliminated by the whole world. At the same time, some small factors should also be taken into careful consideration, such as the moral and psychology. In other words, we, indeed, thank the high-tech, and at the same time focus on small effects.

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we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-1-22 20:55
voice_cd: we have highlighted your blog.
thanks very much, CD   
Reply Report saver 2016-1-23 17:05
only if you are willing to think,you will success
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-1-23 18:04
saver: only if you are willing to think,you will success
Yeah, I agree. Come on

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