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Share What do you think about the fate of the traditional Chinese medicine?
samlam 2016-7-4 14:52
What do you think about the fate of the traditional Chinese medicine?
The traditional Chinese medicine has a long history in China. We can trace back to 6000 years ago. It was an age of Shen Nung in Chinese history. Up to now there are many doctors treating the sick in the way of the traditional Chinese medicine all over China. Doctors will give you a prescription after a diagnosis, in which there are a certain amount of traditional Chinese medical materials. It will be given according to a patient’s situation. In other words, they are dry original mater ...
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Share Mother’s Day
samlam 2016-5-8 10:21
It is Mother’s Day today. I called my mom and gave my greeting to her. She is always very happy when hearing my voice. I could see that she was in good mood through hearing her speaking this morning. I can judge if my mom is in a good health or not through a call. Her health might be poor when her voice is a bit weak or shivering, so in order to learn her healthy condition, I would call her periodically. Talking about it, I feel a bit shameful because I cannot take care of my mom ...
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Share A banana a day might help you live a longer life
samlam 2016-5-4 08:17
Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez is proved to be the longest life of men on the earth by Guinness World Records. He is 112 years old, living in New York State of America now. When people are wondering why he can live such a long life, he told us that the secret might exist in banana, a kind of popular fruit in tropical areas. He keeps eating a piece of banana a day. Besides, he takes 6 pieces of Anacin, a medicine of painkiller, a day as well.   ...
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