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My experience of using the SDL Trados

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Last week, one of our teacher asked to translate one piece of passage by adopting the SDL Trados software. After learning and practicing the use of this software, we thought it would be easy to finish this task. However, a bunch of problems arose during our task.

Just like the old Chinese saying goes, “ You will never know it until you practice with it. ”

While we were learning the SDL Trados software, we found it pretty trivial and hard to use. Unfamiliar as we were with this software, we had no idea how to finish the whole translation by ourselves. Nonetheless, we managed to make it after trying out best to struggle with this software.

My task includes extracting the common words from the passage. First, I adopted the the SDL Trados 2014 Extract to find out those words. Then I translate the common words into Chinese version according to the dictionaries. The problem lied in exporting the common words to the glossary. With the aim to share the glossary with my classmates, I tried really hard to conquer the export issue. Fortunately, I conquered this problem by establishing an glossary in advance and export the common words to the glossary later. Mechanic as a software is, the procedures of performing an action must be done as programmed. Once I got to know how to export the glossary correctly, I finished the exportation smoothly.

After sharing the glossary with my classmates, I started to translate the passage with the the SDL Trados 2014 studio. The words appeared on the screen is so small that I stared on the screen harshly all the time, which caused a little pain at some degree. It was the translation process that I enjoyed the most. During my translation, the window on the screen would show the glossary and translation memory on my screen. Basically, translation memory is the record of your translation done. Whenever a similar sentence shows up, the translation memory will pop up for your reference. With the help of the glossary and translation memory, I could translate some specific words in the same way as my classmates in case that we have two names for one person and so on. What an excellent software!

Not only is this software good at keeping the words in the same manner, but also ensuring that the target passage and the source passage have the same format. As long as we translate using the the SDL Trados 2014 studio, we can always get the correct format in the target passage with slight change.

To be honest, I cast doubt on the SDL Trados software at the very beginning for it is not as fabulous as I wish. However, I really enjoy practicing with it after my latest translation. I do appreciate this software in the end. How wonderful the SDL Trados software is!

I am positive that I can use this software at ease in the future. If you have an question  with it, feel free to contact with me. I am glad to be of help.

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Reply Report Igo 2016-1-12 13:08
Interesting. Does the software work well?
Reply Report CarolineKong 2016-1-14 23:00
Yes, it does. The only problem lies in the primary stage.

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