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Light shinning on the trees, laughter spreading along the campus, here comes the Christmas.

I never add this festival into my list of cerebrations. However, I can feel it face to face.

Friends are having a big dinner together. Classmates are going to watch a movie. In addition, customers are buying a sea of goods considering the big discount on the website. If we do not have Christmas, we might simply lose the chance to have a bloom on economy once a year.

Don’t you notice that Christmas push the economy to develop at some degree?

There is no denying that festivals also motivate people to spend a large amount of money. Every aspects of economy can hope to have a large business to deal with when Christmas comes to town. We see how crowded restaurants are and how festive those entertainment sites are. Money are moving at a fast speed right now.

Perhaps, the point here is not what Christmas about. Christmas’ tradition is not as important as our money-consuming activities. Most of us may just not care about the true meaning of Christmas, As long as it is a festival, that is enough. We may just crave an opportunity to spend money like water and enjoy the pleasure comes along with it without feeling guilty of splurging. It can be called Vristams or Zristams. So what?

Moreover, Christmas to Westerners is like the Spring festival to us. Westerners adopt this day as a chance to be together with their families. Obviously, we absorb their idea to spend a lot instead of accepting the view to have Christmas as a day for families. Yes, you may say that we already have the Spring Festival and the mid-autumn festival. Therefore, we do not need to have Christmas as another day for family unions. Nonetheless, what I am trying to focus on here is how much we should let the western culture sink in our lives. We may agree with them in a superficial way, which might be good to keep our own tradition in turn. Otherwise, we may be too similar to them. As a matter of fact, I hope that we can get to know more about the core of western cultures instead of only grabbing the chance to have fun.

Anyway, every one of us has a chance to relax thanks to Christmas.

P.S. Do not eat too much in case you may end up being in the hospital.



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