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My internship in Tianjin Port in Novermber

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In November, I worked as a receptionist in the Tianjin Port. This internship is requested by our college for us to practice our abilities to use English during work. Interestingly, the passengers I met were always Chinese due to the increase of Chinese tourists. Therefore, I took part in the internship without saying one sentence in English. Anyhow, I learned a lot from my internship in the end.

Nearly everyone in our department took part in the internship. We got up as early as 5:30 in the morning in order to catch the bus which left at 6:00. It is really hard for undergraduates since most of us get used to getting up late in the morning and only ate a brunch on the weekend. Luckily, we found it feasible to get up that early.

After boarding the bus, most of us chose to continue their sleep, while I enjoyed listening to the music along the way and write something freely. That is truly enjoyable. We’ve already received training in our college during one meeting. Therefore, we got the hang of what we should do before started the internship.

What made me worry about was the flow of the process seemed complicated to me. I was not sure how to use the machine properly and what should be done in a correct order since the meeting only familiarized us with what we should do in oral form. After the meeting, I had no idea what the internship involved.

Luckily, the moment we arrived at the port, I knew what we should do properly. The officers there showed us how to work by simulating the whole process. After watching the simulation, I felt much relieved. It was not as hard as I imagined before once I saw the whole process at the scene.

I had butterflies in my stomach while dealing with the first tourist group in the morning. All of us are separated into groups of three. Two worked as receptionist, while the other one worked as runner. Receptionists are responsible of registering the tourists’ information into the network system while the runners checking the correctness of the information and attaching the room cards with the boarding cards for the tourists.

There are around forty tourists in one tourist group. We first checked the information of the tourists and counting the number of passports. Then I uploading tourist’s information onto the network system while the runner finding the room card for tourists with he room number provided by the receptionists.

The work seemed uneasy at first. However, as we worked there more and more, we became fluent in the work and found it simple. Finally, I got to know what it would be like to be a receptionist. A good attitude is a must. It is not so hard for me considering I am okay with smiling for a whole day. Nonetheless, I definitely would not choose to work as a receptionist in the future, which can be boring and tedious unless one managed to find some pleasure while working.

All in all, the internship made me notice that something appeared complicated on the paper might be easy to do in reality. It is always nice to practice more. Anyhow, the more you practice, the better you are. It is an eternal truth in my heart. I cherished this internship as an opportunity for me to know practice values greatly. Moreover, I found it necessary to know that I shall not worry too much over something since it may not be that difficult in reality.


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