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Share to the new semester
2016-2-25 23:35
No matter how much I pretend that the beginning of the new semester is far away, it comes in the end. After boarding on the train, I know that I have to leave home again. Although I do not want to be too sensitive, the sadness still encloses me. The sense of nerve became the aching stomach for me again. I frequented the bathroom even before checking in for the train. You see, I am unwilling to leave home for school. However, it is always sensible to accept the truth and adap ...
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Share The spring festival in temple fairs and lanterns
2016-2-14 16:25
Treeswiththeredlanterns,DamingLakeinJinan,Shandongprovince,February9,2016. Year after year, the spring festival witnesses the most important moment for hundreds of millions of families in China. People travel more than thousands of miles to celebrate this festival together regardless of the long distance and high cost. Nothing could stop the family from being united. ...
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Share My Childhood Memory-the Proof of Siesta
2016-2-2 18:33
These days, I usually slept for more than two hours at noon. After waking up from my siesta today, a piece of childhood memory came to my heart out of the blue. That is the proof of siesta during my primary school years. Can you imagine what the proof was that I had slept at noon during these days? It was simply a piece of paper wrote I have slept for half an hour at noon with the signature of my parents. Not only do the students at my primary school had to show their parents their ...
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Share Tips of buying train ticket during the spring rush
2016-1-25 17:08
Tips of buying train ticket during the spring rush
Home, the sweet home. All of us share a common wish of arriving at home to unify with our families and relatives. A train ticket might be the safeguard of being able to achieve it if you choose to go home by train. Therefore, the problem lies in how to buy a train ticket while there are huge amount of competition? The first tip is to check the information on the website and be as soon as the tickets are released. In order to be punctual, you have to calculate the date when t ...
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Share The idioms which could not be found in the dictionaries
2016-1-20 18:49
Today, I released a piece of news about the idioms we can not find in the dictionary on the wechat of Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press unipus. It is mainly about the meaning of the idioms I saw in the English newspapers and website. The reason I read those information is to get access to the fresh language materials. It is just like a journey of digging the treasure from the land. After reading for some time, I found out that many of the passages were difficult to under ...
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Share 2015-12-26
2015-12-26 13:14
Light shinning on the trees, laughter spreading along the campus, here comes the Christmas. I never add this festival into my list of cerebrations. However, I can feel it face to face. Friends are having a big dinner together. Classmates are going to watch a movie. In addition, customers are buying a sea of goods considering the big discount on the website. If we do not have Christmas, we might simply lose the chance to have a bloom on economy once a year. Don’t you ...
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