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Share Missing
Lorreta 2016-2-18 17:06
I'm missing a boy .The boy we have met for 4 years .We met in my high school .We were classmates .We were good friends ,very good .And now we are in different college .Now it's the winter holiday .Wehaven'tsee eachtogether for 6 months .And I missedhim very much .We met yesterday .We played together .We ran together . We smiled together .Wesharedthe same sky . We enjoyedthe same hug.But now ,Iunderstand a say' Meet not to see'& ...
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Share Pain
Lorreta 2016-2-10 21:44
nbsp;I was born in a special family. A special one nbsp;even others can't imagine.Many shadows many pain ,I can't feel any interest. ……
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Share Deep heart
Lorreta 2016-2-10 21:24
Every time I said I'm fine, I'm good, I'm ok.I was lying. I was not ok, so bad. And I'm now.
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Share Leave for long
Lorreta 2015-12-26 18:19
It has been so long I disappear from my blog. My computer was broke down. I'm so sad. These days I was ok. I got up on time.I ate on time. The life was ordinary.But the final exam is closing. I nbsp;should study hard. Ok then come on Lorreta. Study hard!
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Share My second day
Lorreta 2015-12-17 21:10
My second day
This is the second day that i record my life .I got upat6:40 am.It's earlierthan yesterday.I have gone out for one step .Everyday go out for one step ,i will gain a great reward .A sentence a day .For a better tomorrow . Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
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Share must change my life
Lorreta 2015-12-16 00:32
Now my life is so bad I think. I have no good life habit. I have no organized life style. I'm always short of preparation for everything. So I always lose many things, like chances.divI'm a girl who have good thoughts. But I'm a girl who can never make my thoughts come nbsp;to practice and action. I know my shortcoming and I want to get rid of it. I nbsp;must get rid of it./divdivI think I almost become the one I hate most.I'm bad. I need change./divdivFrom nbsp;now, every morning, ...
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Share I really hate myself
Lorreta 2015-12-15 23:59
nbsp; I think I'm a bad girl.This is my second blog .I said I'll record my life and do it in practice but I failed. I'm lazy. I always put the things to the last minute. I hate myself.
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Share Do my practice
Lorreta 2015-12-10 16:22
span style=line-height: 25.2000007629395px;I'm very amazing to have a English blog. But this's the first blog of mine.It's the shortage of mine.I want to record my life in this stage, but I'm lazy. nbsp;I'm short of practice. I always keep the thought in my minds nbsp;and nbsp;seldom put it to practice. nbsp;I'll change , from now./spandiv style=line-height: 25.2000007629395px;In fact, there are many things deserved record,running game, having nbsp;party ect./divdiv style=line ...
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Share Challenge my life
Lorreta 2015-11-24 10:18
It's the first blog I have ever had. And the first one is a English one. That's amazing for me. The sun is shining.
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