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Stick ·Share Why love
2016-2-24 20:49
Why love
     I have been thinking this question for a long time, but the answer is ambiguous.I am a person who likes scripting something useless, for this little interesting I applied a public operated number on Wechat whice ID number is "weekendate". From time to time, I would write an article then publish on it. It is just for fun, so almost no readers at all. However, one day I wrote something concerned with love, and from the reflection of reading number, more people glanced it then others. ...
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2015-12-13 21:18
  Today there was something wrong with our internet.   I stayed in the computer room and the whole room was out of working. No internet nor wifi, so all the people almost all the time focused on learning or reading rather than distracted by computer or smart phone, including me.   No information about what happened outside today, even it is none of my business, but I felt a little upset and anxiety. I glanced my phone from time to time, hoping that the internet back to the n ...
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Share Experience Two
2015-12-7 22:07
  Hello, there. I am here in Jinan, breathing in the dark air.   Jinan, also being called Spring City. It never came to me that a city with such a beautiful name should have such a paradox atmosphere.   The first year I came here, complaining about pollution came from old friends who stayed in Beijing. I thought it was fog outside so I feel sorry for those people live in the capital, sooner lost in self pity and a sense of sarcasm surrounded me. How dare I sympathize others ...
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Share No one can be represented, and no one should judge other's life
2015-11-20 22:50
No one can be represented, and no one should judge other's life
  Thankfully, it is not my experience. Unfortunately, some people should come through that. By which, I mean the terrorists' attack.   No people deserve that, no difference, at anywhere, in anytime. No people can be represented, and no one dare say he can make a judgment, especially when it comes to life. That is beyond cruelty.   As long as we went through revolution, we called ourselves as advanced creatures acknowledge of civilization. Civilization is not measured by how ...
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